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Monday, 11/19/2018

Set Times

Doors at 8:30
8:45 – Little Homies
9:30 – The Roscoes Wild Child
10:30 – All Systems Know

Times subject to change without notice

Free Show!

The Satellite Presents

All Systems Know


All Systems Know is a Santa Monica, CA based rock band. Formed in 2016, All Systems Know presents a unique sound that Music Connection Magazine called “an intriguing and often uncomfortable mix of punk and prog-rock”. The band is fronted by singer Marcelo Silva, whose melodic influences include Anthony Green, Brandon Boyd, Lucas Guerra, and Faith +1. Guitarist and notorious Cuban coffee addict Max Kane has experimental stylings not unlike those of Jimmy Page or Omar Rodriguez-Lopez. James Syme, the band’s drummer and sentient Hatch green chile, derives influences from a wide array of music, from rock and jazz fusion to hip-hop and R&B. All Systems Know is just as politically minded as they are dance-y, they’ll take you for a journey to outer space, but also around the corner for coffee.

The Roscoes Wild Child


The Roscoes Wild Child is a blues rock band from the Los Angeles, CA area. Keeping the tradition of wild rock music well and alive. Described as a blend of "The Black Keys and Jimi Hendrix" the band offers a fresh sound with an all to familiar face for all to see here and enjoy. With original songs that everyone can relate to, be prepared when the fuzz and Wah Wah pedal hit and melt you face. So don't stand in the back you won't want to miss the show when this two piece let's the first note ring.

Little Homies


Little Homies is a hard-hitting, fat-grooving indie/prog band from LA fronted by catchy vocal melodies and soaring, melodic guitar parts.