Thursday, 11/08/2018

Set Times

Doors at 8:30
9 - Kinney
10 - Sumeau
11 - Twin Oaks
DJ Sets by Red Light Vinyl - Ladies Spin

Times subject to change without notice

Ticket price: $10.00

The Satellite Presents



SUMEAU (pronounced sumō) wants you to join their cult. Founded by Chris Sousa ("Su) and Kat Primeau ("meau"), the LA-based dream pop band creates melodic mantras reminiscent of '60s psychedelia and surreal soundscapes of surprising scope and simplicity. The duo met as staff at EastWest Studios, where a routine mic check led to months of after-hours sessions. The resulting self-titled album, mixed by Ben O'Neill (Fleetwood Mac, Garbage, Neil Young), received critical acclaim and inspired the cross-country "World Tour of America," with visits in Boston, NYC, Cleveland, Chicago, Boulder, Reno, and Los Angeles. SUMEAU then recruited vocalist Molly Dworsky, percussionist/graphic designer Ian McAllister, and The Mosaics members Dan Macken, Julia Chalker, Harrison Lee, Alex Keenan, and George Chammas. Together, the 9-piece creates waves of sound greater than the sum of their parts, hypnotizing audiences at LA gems such as Hotel Cafe, The Mint, SoFar Sounds, and The Satellite. They've showcased for the Audio Engineering Society, been guests on Jam In The Van, and were featured in the Red Bull TV documentary "This And Nothing Else." SUMEAU returned to EastWest Studios in March to record their sophomore LP with engineer Tyler Shields (The War on Drugs, Justin Timberlake, Kamasi Washington). RIYL: Cate Le Bon, Beach House, Mazzy Star

Twin Oaks


Twin Oaks is a Los Angeles-based band formed by Lauren Brown & Aaron Domingo. Spending their early days as a bedroom folk act in 2011, Twin Oaks began as an acoustic outlet for Aaron before pitching his songs to Lauren. The duo gained local and UK attention from Amazing Radio with their title track from the self-released Not An Exit EP in November 2012 & quickly began work on their follow-up The Lion's Den EP, released in January 2014. The EP's lead single Find a Way was a hit among the band's early fanbase & was featured on Amazing Radio's Simon Raymonde radio show as well as a #1 spot on the Amazing Radio Top 40 for 3 weeks. After a brief stint of local shows, the band went into recording at Henson Studios in Los Angeles & self-released the debut full-length White Noise on October 2015 with the lead single Animal, showcasing a much wider and layered sound drawn by elements of post-rock and dream pop influences à la Sigur Rós, Lanterns On The Lake, The XX, & Daughter. During Fall 2016, the duo went back into recording at Aaron's home studio and teamed up with Grammy Award-Winning engineer Cassidy Turbin (Beck, Bat for Lashes, Miya Folick) to helm mixing & post-production duties for the 2017 released Collapse EP. Twin Oaks released Collapse on June 2017 & were later joined with Marilyn Beltran & Aroldo Rios to complete the band's live performances. They have since shared the stage with Mt. Joy, Emma Ruth Rundle, Flora Cash, Akw, & NAVVI.



Welcome to the world of Kinney music. Come get a musical hug. Kinney is a California based singer-songwriter, acrobatic dancer and yogini on a mission to use pure heart-centered expression to radiate joy, freedom and ecstatic light energy into everything she creates. Her music is a combination of heartfelt universal love and playful artistic choices that vary from glorious cuvées of singer-songwriter craftsmanship and jazzy-grace.

DJ Sets by Red Light Vinyl - Ladies Spin