Monday, 10/01/2018

Set Times

Doors at 8:30
8:45 - dielines
9:30 - Alex Price + Dang
10:30 - Possible Oceans

Times subject to change without notice

Free Show!

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Possible Oceans


Possible Oceans is an LA based indie rock band led by singer/guitarist Trevor O’Neill and long-time songwriting partner Daniel Berkman. For their forthcoming EP, Phase Change, the group joined forces with producer Aki Ehara of The Seshen to achieve a sound that is at once invigorating and unnerving. Driving rhythms, pulsing synths, and interweaving guitar lines form the perfect landscape for Trevor’s stirring vocals and intimate lyrics. The pair previously collaborated as Sympathetic Frequencies. During that time their work with producer Eric Palmquist (The Mars Volta, Bad Suns, Wavves) helped them to hone their approach and earned them radio play on KCRW, as well as support from critics and fans alike. After parting ways with their label and taking a brief hiatus, they chose to start fresh with a new name and renewed devotion to their craft. Phase Change marks the beginning of this new chapter in their creative efforts. Drawing on influences as varied as The National, Queens of the Stone Age, and New Order, the group strives to create songs that sit just outside what you would expect from indie rock. Phase Change, runs full speed into some of Trevor’s darkest moments and comes out the other side with renewed hope and understanding. While the stories that inspired the songs are often somber, the gripping vocals and driving guitars lift and energize, for a result that’s less sad sap and more tragic hero.

Alex Price + Dang


Alex Price is a guitarist, plain and simple. Though truth be told, he sometimes disguises himself as a singer-songwriter, and even occasionally a drummer or bassist. When the stars align he wears all these hats to create his debut EP, Left Off Wrong. His sounds certainly aren’t modern, though calling him a 60s or 70s revivalist wouldn’t fit either. There is not a blatant retro worship to the songs, but a plain-clothes nostalgia. Perhaps it’s his limited recording setup and familiar American Rock & Roll energy that draws comparisons to the past. Could be that he’s Tom Petty’s lucky loser, just another Robert Pollard wannabe, or some ordinary guy with a guitar. All we know for sure is that he indeed has a guitar. His debut EP, Left Off Wrong, is set for release October 26th.



Songwriter Robert Dylan Bare combines his taste for Psychadelcic Garage and Surf Rock with dreamy pop harmonies. Backed by jazz musicians Anina (on Keys and Vox), Ian Early (Bass), Matt Camgros (Drums) and Scott Anderson (Guitar) Geauxlightly is in the process of mixing their Debut EP. With the help of Jason Quever of Paper Cuts as Engineer and co-producer, GL hopes to release their new tunes winter 2018.