Wednesday, 10/10/2018

Set Times

Doors at 8:30
9 - Wolf Bay
9:45 - Holander
10:30 - SPELLES
11:30 - Stevi Daft and The Devils

Times subject to change without notice

Free Show!

Softer Sex Presents...Softober Nights



Singer-songwriter, SPELLES, creates haunting and mysterious sonic landscapes with her powerful voice and emotional lyrics. Influenced by artists such as Portishead, Fiona Apple, and Nina Simone, her songs explore primal characteristics of the human condition, such as anxiety, isolation, and perseverance.


Wolf Bay


Wolf Bay is the birth of guitarist and song-writer, Dean Passarella. Dean has worked for over 10 years in the music industry performing and recording with acts such as Mount Holly, Lauren Ruth Ward, and platinum selling country artist, Chase Rice, to name a few. Over the years, Dean has developed skills as a professional guitarist, all while consistently creating a body of original work. Dean sings from their depths and tells stories with raw honesty and passion. Marrying their love for melodic guitar lines and heart-aching lyrics, Wolf Bay vibrates with truth, vulnerability, and soul.


Stevi Daft & The Devils


Stevi’s interest in the occult manifests itself in her debut release ‘Empress’, named after the tarot card symbolizing the birth of creative projects. The 4-track record is an esoteric brew of classic rock riffs, pop melodies and modern instrumentation. Daft conjures up some serious spirits in her live performances as well. You can see her exorcising her demons onstage, in a wild hurricane of raw, visceral emotion. She untangles her disillusionment with the status quo and refuses to play by the old-fashioned rules of rock and roll. It’s time this genre had a new rule-breaker and, damnit, the future is female rocker Stevi Daft.