Thursday, 08/30/2018

Set Times

Doors at 8:30
9 - The Rare Occasions
10 - Gesserit
11 - Ecstatic Union *Record Release*
12 - Purple Mountains Majesties
DJ Sets by Jeff Ramuno (The Entire Universe)

Times subject to change without notice

Ticket price: $10.00

The Satellite Presents

Ecstatic Union


Ecstatic Union's sound is like a liquid sun-soaked harmony layered psychedelic dance party. The core members include Rex Costello and Oliver Hart who bring on collaborators and touring arrangements as needed. The current outfit of the band now resides in Los Angeles, CA where they recently recorded a new album, “Neurons”, with the production and engineering help of Tomas Dolas (Mr. Elevator). The album is set to release on EU’s very own, ‘Channel Records’, on September 31st, 2018. "Time and again the US west coast proves itself to be the capital and chief purveyor of contemporary psychedelia. From Wooden Shjips through to Ty Segall and (Thee) Oh Sees, it’s an illustrious, mind-bending, and intimidatingly talented list, but one that Ecstatic Union are rapidly proving they belong on...It’s a timeless genre that delights in letting go of logic and reason and embracing intuitive immediacy and love, and it’s that spirit that Ecstatic Union have so brilliantly tapped in to in a delightful dissemination of raucous bliss." - Jaime George // Xune Magazine

Purple Mountains Majesties


Purple Mountains Majesties is comprised of a bassist, a drummer, and four front men who switch off on every instrument they can afford to buy - all types of guitar, ukulele, keys, glockenspiel, flute, trumpet, melodica, recorder, and assorted percussion. Their heavenly three and four part harmonies and melodies bring to mind the sound of early Beach Boys and Beatles, but their inventive instrumentation and arrangements put them firmly at the forefront of the modern alternative scene populated by bands like Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.



Gesserit brings an array of sounds that are seductive and untouchable, telling stories of heartbreak, nostalgia, and freedom. A rotating lineup brings a new experience to the audience, ranging from full band to intimate stripped down sets. Western roots lay upon haunting reverb, intoxicating rhythm and an air of mystery that reflect the spectrum of human emotion. "a pensive and powerful Brooklyn band" - Pancakes and Whiskey "band of the month" - Audiofemme



The Rare Occasions


Drawing inspiration from each successive wave of garage rock, The Rare Occasions put their own dark spin on retro. The LA-via-Providence group meshes angular guitar riffs with sweet indie pop melodies, from the blistering psych-anthem “Dysphoric” (Feelers) to the dreamlike “Bug Eyes” (Futureproof). This variability and depth of styles, layered with lyrical themes of existentialism and self-reflection, are what both define The Rare Occasions and set them apart. The band’s latest effort, Into the Shallows, is their full-length debut. Primarily recorded in their cramped LA rehearsal space, The Rare Occasions bring their northeast sensibilities with them to California. The record delves deeper into the musical and lyrical concepts which have come to define the band’s aesthetic, from buzzing highs to sulking lows. The Rare Occasions first turned heads in their native Providence, Rhode Island when they won the WBRU Rock Hunt, headlined the Summer Concert Series at Waterplace Park, and performed in front of packed audiences at Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel and The Met. Meanwhile, they tore through the Boston club circuit, building a dedicated following across the northeast. This year, the band has been focusing on expanding their west coast presence, and just returned from their cross country June tour across promoting their latest album.