Tuesday, 08/21/2018

Set Times

Doors 8:30
9 - Holander
9:45 - Daria Black
10:30 - Violet Rose
11:30 - Siam Jem

Times subject to change without notice

Ticket price: $8.00

The Satellite & Wild Riot Present

Violet Rose


Los Angeles artist Violet Rose is without question, a force. She is in a category of her own. When looking for a superhero in music, she represents the unthinkable. She is beyond this world. She combines future electronic pop with her powerful, timeless voice. One need only to listen to hear the unwavering battles she has faced. Violet comes into her own when she delivers each performance. You will witness light battling the darkness. Violet. Is. Light. Watching and hearing her undeniable emotion elicits hope in her audience. Her set takes you on Violet Rose’s journey. Violet Rose is celebrating the release of two new singles, an original "Gravity" and a cover of David Bowie's "Fame."



Fantasies of time and place run as a constant driving force in the background of Los Angeles native Holander's glitter-grunge anthems. Raised in a city of people creating their own futures during the day and capturing flashy Hollywood lifestyles at night, Holander became obsessed and inspired by how people morph themselves into what is most viral at any time. The 21-year-old singer-songwriter channels this inspiration into creating stunning music that reflects many of the conflicts faced by her generation but written from a place of empowerment, a call to arms to be oneself in an era hellbent on forcing people into boxes. Holander has packed popular venues throughout Los Angeles, shared the stage with well known artists in the LA area such as Laureline, The Aquadolls, and The Nova Darlings, as well as playing large festivals and shows that champion a cause.

Siam Jem


Michaela Rabina is no stranger to DIY. At only 20 years old, she’s been a part of the thriving Inland Empire DIY scene since 2016, with the arrival of much-loved dream-pop act Caterwall becoming a fixture amongst the backyard crowd, playing alongside acts such as Foliage. In 2017, following the dissolution of Caterwall, Rabina formed Siam Jem, a fresh guitar-driven indie-pop project that centered her own songwriting and arranging. Inspired by heroes such as Hinds, The Aquadolls, Bikini Kill, and fellow DIY acts, Siam Jem has shared stages with artists such as Hot Flash Heat Wave, BOYO, & The Coathangers. In 2018 so far, the band has released an EP collecting their early material, performed at several SXSW showcases, and has gone through several line-up changes. They are now finishing work on their debut LP, “Sugar Coat” set for release this Fall.

Daria Black


Daria Black’s music burns a trail of light through her dark and mystic world. With influences such as Muse, The xx and Radiohead and an extensive background in classical composition, this “singer-songwriter/sound-smith” has fashioned a deeply profound breed of Indie Pop. Her captivating, velvety vocal draws you into the mosaic of her intricately layered arrangements, sharing with you her enchanting and ethereal experience. Find her debut single, "Mind Heart Body" on all listening platforms.