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Friday, 01/10/2020

Set Times

Free Shows | 21+
Doors at 8
9 - Twin Oaks
9:40 - Bandie
10:20 - Wax Charmer
11 - Magic Bronson

Times subject to change without notice

Free Show!


The Satellite & Buzzbands.LA Present SATELLITE NIGHTS

Magic Bronson

What makes Magic Bronson unique is that the duo - Matt Lieberman (bass, synths, most lyrics) and Michael Nicastro (vocals, synths, drum programming, production) - are constitutionally unable to write the same song twice. There’s a wry, slacker-cool and slightly stoned thread running through everything, but beyond that they never know quite what will come out of the pot once they’ve thrown in and stirred the ingredients. The only constants are fat bass, sumptuous choruses and lyrics that range from artful absurdism to plain old pure emotion, as expressed by two guys who’ve had a long day and need to vent.

Wax Charmer

Wax Charmer is a series of contradictions, a Los Angeles-based rock band whose three members wield widely contrasting tastes and musical styles. 
 The trio’s diverse collection of influences ultimately makes its members more informed and nuanced musicians. It’s this blend of sonic perspectives that culminates in a brand of rock music that is truly organic.


Bandie is a fuzzy garage pop project started by drummer/guitarist Brian Hill in Los Angeles, CA. With a growing collection of energetically sincere songs, including a freshly released debut EP, Bandie is here to hum along to. Bandie is also Brian’s dog’s name. 🐾

Twin Oaks

Digging deep between the realms of deconstruction and self-realization, Twin Oaks put forth their sophomore release 'See You When I See You' with no limitations. Following the band's shoegaze-driven 2017 'Collapse EP' and patient intimacy of 2018 'Living Rooms EP', Brown continues to present deeply personal observations on isolation, societal pressure, death, and failed expectations. The emotional depths are elevated (this time) by the band's ability to navigate between haunting soundscape, driven dynamics, and quiet contemplation. “SEE YOU WHEN I SEE YOU is a process of diving into the most unsettling moments of life in order to find a better sense of self”, states Brown. The writing spanned throughout the end of 2017 into 2018 and included the collaborations of drummer/percussionist Marilyn Beltran and bassist Aroldo Rios to bring the songs to full completion. Keeping to their DIY roots, Twin Oaks self-recorded and produced the album in October 2018 between Brass Plate Records and Domingo's home studio in Southern California. Twin Oaks has recently performed as a support act for The Joy Formidable, Mt. Joy, Emma Ruth Rundle, Flora Cash, Angelo DeAugustine, AKW, & Navvi. SEE YOU WHEN I SEE YOU released on June 14th, 2019.