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Saturday, 11/16/2019

Set Times

Doors at 7 | Free Show | All Ages
The Satellite & The 6*6*60s Present
at American Barber Shop - Echo Park
8 - Kali Kazoo
8:35 - Katatonic
9:45 - Jagged Baptist Club
10:30 - Prissy Whip

Times subject to change without notice

Free Show!


The Satellite & The 6*6*60s Present



* Free Show * 5 Bands * All Ages * Come on down to American Barber Shop in Echo Park to see BANDS IN A BARBER SHOP! This All Ages show is for Everyone! Where else can you rock out for FREE and watch a show from a barber's chair?!



Prissy Whip


Prissy Whip wields a shrill and utterly disorienting brand of noise rock, somewhere in the league of dynamic and confrontational acts such as Daughters, Throbbing Gristle, Butthole Surfers, and Melt-Banana. Vocalist Crow Jane (Egrets on Ergot) provokes the audience with alarming wails and a convulsing strut. Effects-drunk guitars and pummeling drums collide and careen happily off the rails. The band will even prank its audience with catchy moments that are equal parts infectious and deranged. Hailing from Los Angeles, Prissy Whip exudes a reckless energy rarely felt since the heyday of its punk scene, and has shared the stage with abrasive, chaotic bands of the same breed including Clipping, Deerhoof, Head Wound City, Retox, Hot Nerds, Psychic Graveyard, Planet B, and The Primals.

Katatonic + Kali Kazoo


Katatonic is a band of four disaffected Los Angeles locals. Their sound is reminiscent of First Wave LA Punk bands put out by a youthful Slash Records mixed with a healthy dose of Kay Records 90s Indie that is shredded, tuned down a whole step, and case-hardened at 1000 degrees. Nathalie Martin is the band’s frontwoman who brings a rabid ferocity to her Alice Bag-esque vocals. She is backed by Brian Melendez of The Katellas and The Dils on lead guitar, Vince Foster on Drums, and experienced producer and veteran Sergio Candelario on bass. Together they craft a sound that is at once nostalgic and innovative. Live, doused in movie blood, they are a force to be reckoned with. Their music assaults ear drums with a loud and vicious wall of sound while captivating the audience with a visceral performance energy. *** Pretty pastel punk rock band Kali Kazoo started as Kali Fontecchio obsessing over Dylan, Devo, and Neutral Milk Hotel. Her first full length album, Outlaw Engineer Painted Pioneer, an aggressive acoustic exploration of punchy ballads. Soon after, the intensely idiosyncratic drumming was added to the lineup. Now a rocking two-piece, Kali Kazoo hit the studio to record their second LP, the electrified and semi-orchestral Contrary To Popular Belief. Continuing the work of the previous album, while pulling on influences such as Talking Heads, Gang Of Four, and PJ Harvey, it evolved Kali Kazoo’s sound even further. Soon after that arrangement came a bassist, whose liveliness brought a new energy. And now a lead guitarist has added his uniqueness to the delightful whirl of passionate rock. Beyond the musicality, the words are lyrical and existential, as if Kafka were a girl in the twenty-first century. With this renewed sense of identity, the band’s next full length album Bleed Darker & Deeper Than The Seas Of Hell produced by Toshi Kasai, this quartet has progressed into a more slick, aggressive pop-rock sound cutting their teeth in the Los Angeles music scene.