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Wednesday, 12/04/2019

Set Times

Doors at 8 | $5 | 21+
The 6*6*60s & Sweatband Records Present
Anthony Mehlhaff's Photo & Hardcore Show
9:00 - Wacko
9:40 - Skullcrack
10:20 - The Manx
11 - Graf Orlock

Times subject to change without notice

The Satellite & The 6*6*60s Present Anthony Mehlhaff's Photo & Hardcore Show


the occultic left hand of gawd sent here to do its holy work. Experimental Fastcore, either seek dedication or suffer the divine condemnation. YOU WILL LOOK



The Manx

The Manx is: Adam Barnes, Myke Chilian, Max Winston, Tommy Meehan, Zach Zdziebko


Play fast, drink faster.

Graf Orlock

Endlessly annoying hardcore band from LA polluting the digital airwaves and landfills with petroleum since 2004. In the course of their existence Graf Orlock have sought to embody the spirit of DIY hardcore punk in a more creative or relentless way than any other. Releasing music via their own label, touring to nearly every continent on earth without a booking agent (repeat trips to Japan, Australia, Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, the Caribbean, and beyond), and designing their own implausible artwork and packaging (one EP cover was riddled with real bulletholes and another folded out into the form of an actual-size boombox), the Los Angeles band is a self-made powerhouse that keeps on trucking, year after year. At the core of all its output is one very specific vision: to create music inspired entirely by Hollywood's best and worst action movies. Fueled equally by a sincere love for cinema and by an utter disdain for the current state of the industry, Graf Orlock's vision is arguably a ridiculous one – guitarist Jason Schmidt himself has referred to the band's work as "basically moronic fan fiction" – yet Graf Orlock executes it with dead seriousness, pouring into it more creativity and dedication than most bands ever muster, going on fifteen years now.