To enter The Satellite, you must be 21 years of age or older. No exceptions.

Thursday, 11/21/2019

Set Times

Doors at 8 | 21+
Free Entry from 8-9p
8:30 - Chaz Cardigan
$10 cash after 9p
9:15 - Misty Mtn
10:05 - SARO
11:05 - Lulu Simon

Times subject to change without notice

Ticket price: $10.00

The Satellite & WFNM Present

WFNM Showcase with SARO


We Found New Music Presents SARO

Lulu Simon


It’s undeniable that an incredibly talented angsty pop singer-songwriter would amount from countless hours with family playing and creating music. Lulu Simon learned to cultivate a passion for songwriting as a means of self-expression. Her impeccably toned voice will make you dance your face off while feeling all the emotions you felt when your ex broke your heart. Although a native New Yorker, Lulu grew up traveling across the world, and not really calling one place ‘home.’ That is similar to the artist she is: not defined by anything or anyone and independently paving her own path. Lulu had been playing piano starting at a very young age but decided to take on guitar to write songs similar to her pop-punk influences. She immediately fell in love with acoustic songwriting and as her guitar playing progressed, so did her addictive melodies, and her passion for pop music. Since graduating college, Lulu has gone full throttle with her music, pouring her energy into creating her intimate 80s synth pop sound. Her older brother, Ade, has helped bring her vision to life, producing her debut track “Wasted” alongside producer, Andy Seltzer. Her highly anticipated EP, dropping summer 2019, brings back both Ade and Andy as producers along with new up and coming producer, Griffin Emerson. This incredible team of collaborators helps transform her acoustic songs into pop magic.

Misty Mtn


~ cowboy boots on roller skates ~ The foundations of Misty Mtn date back to 2017 when vocalist Morissa Trunzo and producer Lucas Segall met working at a restaurant in Brooklyn, NY. The collaboration—initially a modest bedroom recording project—quickly proved fruitful. With vocal-harmonies channeling classic acts like Fleetwood Mac, crossed with forward-thinking electronic productions, Misty Mtn quickly carved out an evocative sound at the intersection of crisp mountain air and city lights. In 2018 they made their live debut during an opening set for Rainbow Kitten Surprise, and quickly became a staple of the New York indie scene before moving to Los Angeles in the summer of 2019 shortly after the release of their critically acclaimed debut EP 'Missed Your Call.’

Chaz Cardigan (Free B4 9p)


Chaz Cardigan was raised on a diet of Nsync and Michael Jackson before discovering Queen at age 10 sparked a religious determination to create and perform. Growing up outside of Louisville, he was classically trained as a piano player before teaching himself guitar, bass, and drums. He began gigging at 11, playing in a handful of punk cover bands while learning how to produce and mix music on a Tascam 4-track tape recorder. After applying to college with no way of affording it, he opted instead to move to Nashville two days after graduating high school to pursue making music full-time. He found early footing in the city by falling in with a hip-hop collective called The Diatribe, where he incubated his production technique. He wrote and recorded his LP ‘I’ while moving couch to couch over the greater part of two years before self-releasing it in early 2017. His 2018 singles “Episode”, “Nerves”, “Over”, & “DOIDOIT” all debuted on Spotify’s New Music Friday, accumulating 1 million plays within 8 months. Chaz is a product of the Millennial post-genre landscape; a studio polymath and an electric live performer with a wide array of influences spanning Kanye West to Bjork, David Bowie to Sun Ra. His imaginative, textural pop defies simple definition and transcends genre with a uniquely accessible voice.