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Tuesday, 07/30/2019

Set Times

Doors at 8:30 | 21+
8:45 - Toulouse Control
9:30  - Patriarchy
10:15 - Michael Stasis
11 - Girl Pusher

Times subject to change without notice

Ticket price: $10.00

The Satellite Presents

Michael Stasis


Michael Stasis is a compulsive songwriter living in Los Angeles. His entirely self-recorded output has spanned the last fifteen years and boasts a variety of odd styles borrowed from his multiple lives in the Pennsylvania woods, New York City, The Bay Area and Los Angeles. Having studied film and sound at the renowned Cooper Union in Manhattan, Stasis is primarily concerned with investigating pop motifs rather than committing to a fixed persona. While this eclectic, almost academic artistic approach has led to confusion among critics, his work is always accessible and he maintains a coveted position in the pantheon of "weirdo" songwriters. Bored by the monotheistic urges of rock 'n' roll, Stasis quietly worships Campbell's "Hero with a Thousand Faces." But it is not for lack of cohesion. To be sure (after twelve releases), behind the collection of masks is a familiar tone, humorous occult charm and limitless imagination; a palpable style emerges from his "fake pop songs," longing cinematic soundscapes and bizarre poetic exercises.






Actually Huizenga is one of L.A.’s unsung heroes, an ultra-powerful presence with a provocateur attitude that makes for some rad and raunchy films and music. Huizenga’s new band is called Patriarchy, and it’s a goth project in the best way possible—the band has a death metal logo, blood always seems to be flung around, and the lyrics are not for the faint of heart. Her video for “Grind Your Bones” marks the third single off Asking for It, the band’s debut album, which is set for release later this year. “Grind Your Bones” is actually more of a short film, and it’s from another universe, one where demons, hunchbacks and witches seduce young rocker boys.



Toulouse Control


A lounge singer styled performance of ultra smooth love songs and lo-fi pop.




Girl Pusher


collaborative effort of RESIGN and HAKU hollywood cyberpunk fast drums bad stuff marching band and tim curry