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Monday, 07/08/2019

Set Times

Doors at 8:30
Object As Subject Residency
8:45 - Pony Sweat
9:30 - ROMY
10:45 - Object As Subject
DJ Sets by Nico Turner
Backbar Art Installation by Amina Cruz
Free Show | 21+

Times subject to change without notice

Free Show!


The Satellite & Gay Asstrology Present

Object As Subject Residency


OBJECT AS SUBJECT is an LA-based art punk band led by classical violinist turned punk singer, Paris Hurley (composition, vox, drums, dance // Kultur Shock). This feminist battle cry is a call to action fueled by raw wailing vocals, a barrage of floor toms, gritty bass riffs, and exacting choreography that shifts from explicit gestural iterations to relentless phrases of wild abandon, featuring Emilia "Pony Sweat" Richeson (dance, drums, vox), Gina Young (bass, vox // SORORITY), Patty Schemel (drums // Hole), and Megan Fowler-Hurst (dance, drums, vox // Tales Between Our Legs). An irreverent choreographic and sonic ritual, their work is feral and unashamed, spilling from the stage with calculated bursts of irreligious rites. Their debut album, PERMISSION, is a ceremonial destruction of the myth that women exist in a scarcity-driven hierarchy and must make themselves small for the comfort of others; seen but not heard, useful without agency. Laced with hypnotic drones and lyrics tackling the catcalls of construction workers, the degradation of pussy, and the patriarchal pyramid scheme of catholicism that turns the sexuality of women into a sin, OAS weaves a punk incantation inviting audiences to turn inward, face yourself, free yourself, save yourself, revel in your joy, feel your sorrow, sweat out your fears, and scream your anger.



Romy makes dark, driving electronic void pop. Tinges of techno, moments of minimal synth, elements of electro and industrial inklings coalesce into a cinema of sound. She is a fierce one woman power house of urgency and energy. This is future matriarch music.

Pony Sweat


PonySweat is a fiercely non-competitive dance aerobics celebration created by Emilie Richeson.