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Tuesday, 08/13/2019

Set Times

Doors at 8:30 | 21+
9 - Chelsea Effect
10 - Sleep Still
11 - Dol Ikara

Times subject to change without notice

Advance ticket price: $8.00

Day of Show ticket price: $10.00

The Satellite Presents

Dol Ikara


Stylistically inspired by surreal dreams, gothic and antique imagery, untamed gardens and textures of velvet and lace, Dol Ikara brings a timely theme to this day and age of gentle strength. Dol Ikara -- the musical project of Claire Roddy -- paints a soundscape evocative of several sources, from dark wave to gothic rock to post-rock. Her debut EP, Obsidian Ritual, ebbs and flows between defeat and empowerment in a ritualistic honesty, embracing both incoherency and clarity, stagnation and transmogrification. Various musical influences include Mazzy Star, Sonic Youth, Cocteau Twins, Stevie Nicks, Cranes, PJ Harvey, Kate Bush, etc.

Sleep Still


Sleep Still formed as two writers came together with content related to rest and the intriguing world of the sleep subconscious, echoing sounds of post punk, dream-rock and shoegaze. Sleep Still was featured on DKFM Shoegaze radio.

Chelsea Effect


The Chelsea Effect takes its name from the legendary Hotel Chelsea in New York City, which has hosted artistic visionaries for over a century. Everyone from Bob Dylan and Janis Joplin to Allen Ginsberg and Dylan Thomas, not only stayed at the Hotel Chelsea, but also created artistic movements that have inspired generations. Arthur Miller wrote a piece entitled "The Chelsea Affect" that described life in the Hotel during the 1960’s and the effect it had on pop culture. This project embodies that spirit. Music, fashion, art … a movement.