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Wednesday, 07/10/2019

Set Times

Doors at 8:30 | 21+
10 - PWR CPL
11 - NYIKO

Times subject to change without notice

Advance ticket price: $8.00

Day of Show ticket price: $10.00

The Satellite Presents



NYIKO (“nee-koh”) is a recording artist, producer, and visual artist based out of Los Angeles. NYIKO is the silent comfort of a lover and the unquenchable thirst of longing; the long-overdue call with an old friend and the messages sent without response; the joy of trust and the pain of losing it; the vivid dreams that carry into day and the vague reality of memories; the radiant glow of a summer sunset and the engulfing darkness of night.



Los Angeles based Alternative R&B duo, PWR CPL ("Power Couple") is comprised of multi-instrumentalists Jon Lall and Summer Mencher. As co-producers, songwriters and vocalists with contrasting musical upbringings and sensibilities, they balance one another in the studio. Their most recent single, “My Stop” was released on 4/4/2019, showcasing their jazz, hiphop and electronic influences. Coming on the heels of “Alone in the Same Room” and “Vital Signs,” “My Stop” was the 3rd single they released this year, which has been leading up to the drop of their concept EP project entitled BLKS: FEEL. PWR CPL is committed to harnessing the power of music for positive change and dedicates a portion of their time to creative outreach in underserved communities locally and abroad.



MAN AKIN is the pen name for psychedelic future pop artist, Alexander Bernard. The multi-instrumentalist signed to Blossom Records in the spring of 2018 for his first EP, Paisley. He introduces his sound with heavy grooves, funky synths, and soulful melodies ala Unknown Mortal Orchestra. His follow up, Stripe, amps up the distortion layers on more of a Tame Impala style soulful rock adventure. With strong releases to usher him in, Man Akin has begun to light up the live music scene in LA. He’s been cross pollinating with other acts from Blossoms’ roster such as Reasn and Floyd. In no time at all he’s begun packing venues such as the Alley and opening for larger acts such as Nouri at the Peppermint. As of May 2019, his new single "Camo" was featured in Apple Music's best of the week. This is just the beginning for this prolific, soulful act.