Monday, 04/01/2019

Set Times

Doors at 8
KROQ Locals Only Presents
Forever X2 Residency - Night 1
8:30 - Somme
9:30 - Distant Cousins
10:30 - Forever X2
11:30 - Talip
DJ Sets by Kevin Bronson
(Buzzbands LA)

Times subject to change without notice

Free Show!


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KROQ Locals Only Presents

Forever X2 Residency


L.A. songwriter Peter Verdell wants to play power chords. And sing with some fuzz on his vocals. And make music that both his modern brain and his teenage brain would be fucking psyched to hear on the radio. That’s the inspiration behind his new band Forever X2, who’s debut 6-song EP is what you might get if you crossed Blur with Beck and added a dose of millennialism. Verdell wrote all the songs in his apartment in downtown Los Angeles and recorded them in a hot, non-ac’d garage in Silverlake with producers Ari Berl and Yianni AP. Verdell played all the drums, guitars, keys, and vocals, and says about the process, “I wanted the songs to capture how I felt when I first started playing music. Informal and fresh, sweaty and loud.” Buzz Bands LA premiered the first single “Keep the Devil Waiting,” calling the song “crunch-tastic.” The 2nd single “Walk the Ocean” has received airplay from tastemaker Kat Corbett on KROQ Locals Only, with the full EP to be released in May 2019. Verdell’s previous band, Act As If, established themselves as indie standouts in the LA scene from regular bookings at venues like the Satellite, The Bootleg, Hotel Cafe, The Roxy, The Glasshouse, Troubadour, et al, as well as receiving steady airplay on KROQ FM’s Locals Only and Kat’s Box. Their music landed syncs on TV shows spanning ABC, CBS, Hulu, MTV, E!, NickTV, VH1, and IFC, as well as promo spots for and Lifetime TV. The band was featured as “New and Noteworthy” on iTunes, labeled a “Fuse Favorite” and “Fuseworthy” by Fuse, and received numerous accolades from editors at, Buzz Bands LA, All Music, Pop Matters, Buzznet, and others.

Distant Cousins


LA-based alt-folk-pop trio Distant Cousins offers up a blend of music that, like the band name, suggests both deep connections and a wide variety of genres – all on display in their debut album, “Next Of Kin.” Their music reflects a fluid collaboration of three distinct songwriters, producers, and performers. In the studio, the cousins share various roles as producers, writers and musicians. Onstage, their roles are more delineated; Ami sings, plays bass, and handles looping responsibilities, Dov sings, plays drums, and acoustic guitar, and Duvid sings and is the maestro of a myriad of stringed instruments. Each cousin brings his unique background to the group. Duvid grew up in the Middle East, on a small musical commune in Israel full of hippies and gypsies - owning only record players as appliances. Ami and Dov grew up on the East Coast, attending the same high school in New Jersey a few years apart. From the closing song of “This Is Where I Leave You,” to a Macy's ad campaign to "Daddy's Home" to most recently, ABC's new hit show "A Million Little Things,” many of Distant Cousins songs have had countless prominent placements. Up next, Distant Cousins are planning a national tour. Mulling over the meaning of this familial journey, Ami says: “In this business, you can get lost in the grind. Music can become more a service than an art. With Distant Cousins, we bring all the skills we’ve acquired in the grind back to being art.”





TALIP PESHKEPIA is a Los Angeles based Artist and Composer with a love for the combination of the beautiful and the bizarre. Talip has spent the better part of fifteen years, writing and performing live. He has released 3 EPs: Opportunities (2008), Shining Stars (2010), Post Mortem (2012). Shining Stars featured “Nothing Happened” which premiered on the hit television series Gossip Girl. As a composer he has had his work featured on A&Es Born this Way. Peshkepia is currently preparing to release his first full length album Alas, the Visiting Ghost, which is produced by Asthmatic Kitty and Joyful Noise’s Chris Schlarb.