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Wednesday, 04/10/2019

Set Times

Doors 8:30
8:45 - Alex Andre
9:30 - Why Dogs Why
10:15 - The Rare Occasions
11:00 - Punk Crush
DJ Sets by Greg Katz

Times subject to change without notice

Advance ticket price: $8.00

Day of Show ticket price: $10.00

The Satellite Presents

Why Dogs Why


Why Dogs Why is the Los Angeles-based recording project of Alex Johnson, Alex Rogers, and Mark Edwards. The project began in early 2018 as an experiment: Johnson set out to write, self-record, and self-release one song every two weeks, teaching himself to use ProTools in his living room along the way. After releasing eight songs, he grew “super tired of it,” retired the experiment, and dubbed it an album: “Append,” named for the way the songs were separately added to the “album” as they were finished. Early 2019 will bring two new singles: “Bubble,” which Johnson recorded solo with Derek Ted, and “Freak,” which is the band’s first recording to feature a rounded full-band lineup.

The Rare Occasions


Drawing inspiration from each successive wave of garage rock, The Rare Occasions put their own dark spin on retro. The LA-via-Providence group meshes angular guitar riffs with sweet indie pop melodies, from the blistering psych-anthem “Dysphoric” (Feelers) to the dreamlike “Bug Eyes” (Futureproof). This variability and depth of styles, layered with lyrical themes of existentialism and self-reflection, are what both define The Rare Occasions and set them apart. The band’s latest effort, Into the Shallows, is their full-length debut. Primarily recorded in their cramped LA rehearsal space, The Rare Occasions bring their northeast sensibilities with them to California. The record delves deeper into the musical and lyrical concepts which have come to define the band’s aesthetic, from buzzing highs to sulking lows. The Rare Occasions first turned heads in their native Providence, Rhode Island when they won the WBRU Rock Hunt, headlined the Summer Concert Series at Waterplace Park, and performed in front of packed audiences at Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel and The Met. Meanwhile, they tore through the Boston club circuit, building a dedicated following across the northeast. This year, the band has been focusing on expanding their west coast presence, and just returned from their cross country June tour across promoting their latest album.

Punk Crush



Alex Andre


Alex Andre is the musical project of Cesar Alas. Characterized by emotional lyricism, complex chord changes, and hard hitting dance grooves, Alex Andre answers the question, "Is it possible to cry and dance at the same time?"