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Wednesday, 04/03/2019

Set Times

Doors at 8:30
Introducing EL CHAVITO
8:45 - Conductora
9:30 - El Chavito
10:15 - Juggs
11 - Indiana Bradley

**$1 Off "El Chavito" Margaritas**

Times subject to change without notice

Advance ticket price: $8.00

Day of Show ticket price: $10.00

The Satelllite Presents

El Chavito


El Chavito is a Los Angeles post-emo punk/hardcore band consisting of three friends paying tribute to their beloved fallen east side Mexican restaurant. Invite them to play your next house party and they'll bring a PA and a 5 gallon cooler full of margaritas!





Sinewy, sexy and danceable, JUGGS are the pairing of childhood friends, Brandon & Willem, who’ve been making music together in Los Angeles since they were wee lads. A sampling of their songs, “Super Cool Time,” and “As If,” suck you in with their evocative allure, and you’ll find yourself on a mental beach, waves of good vibes crashing all around. Both say they have a common goal of wanting to make cool art and music and that they were lucky enough to find someone who shared that goal. And that goal has no sonic limitations. JUGGS: “We love to collaborate and work with other people. There’s no ego, we’re just there to create something beautiful that people can feel. We’re so grateful Alan McGee is into our music and signed us to Creation 23. We feel like we’re just getting started.”

Indiana Bradley


Indiana Bradley's style is simple, melodic, and real. Raised in Indiana yet having lived in dozens of countries from Argentina to Indonesia stories accumulated and perceptions were made which he translates into his melodic sound through heavy guitars and keys. His baritone growl draws comparisons to Nick Cave and Johnny Cash accented with a lyrical style that ranges from story telling to raw emotional confusion. Indiana Bradley has traveled a long way. He hopes you enjoy his songs.



Although Conductora got its name and members in the Fall of 2018, the group’s members are not new to the Los Angeles Indie/DIY music scene, nor each other. Since 2009, guitarists Daisy Salas and John Estrada played with ‘The Pristines,’ while Jen Preciado fronted her band, 'Del Carmen,' on Vocals and Guitar. Both bands developed a friendship after sharing bills through this era and the three musicians kept in touch as each of their bands went through periods of line up changes and recording projects. Switching from guitar to drums, Preciado was looking to to get back to playing live as a drummer. The timing was right for everyone as Estrada and Salas needed a drummer to reenter the music scene and heard Preciado was available. After refining their live sound, Conductora played their first gig with Preciado late December in 2018. With an album on BandCamp and previous fans now excited for the new project, the members of Conductora are branching out and doing what they love in front of audiences that are fans of raw, loud, female-fronted indie rock.