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Monday, 03/18/2019

Set Times

Free Show | 21+
Doors at 8
The Absurd Residency - Night 3
8:30 - First Fire
9:15 - Ned and the Dirt
10 - The Absurd
11 - Sankaran (Album Release)
DJ Sets by Westerner

Times subject to change without notice

Free Show!


Ned and the Dirt


Los Angeles based Indie Rock band Ned and the Dirt is a band that you soak up. They don't wash over you, they happen to you. Listen to them; you'll want to dance, you'll want to cry, you'll want to start feeling everything more profoundly, and it's this warp speed through emotions that makes Ned and the Dirt special - it's the human experience. Ned's roots can be found in his preacher's tongue and garage-party swagger, but it's the Dirt's grit that gives their music a grip on your ears. Their live performances drip with honesty (and sweat) so go get up close if you're ready to feel, but don't worry, you won't be alone. You'll be flying through with everyone else.

First Fire


First Fire is an indie rock trio in Los Angeles CA. Their sound and presence can be described as raw, eager, and honest. They draw inspirations from artists like Jeff Buckley, Bright Eyes and Radiohead. After studying jazz and improvisation at CSUN, the members of First Fire’s return to songwriting feels as much like a liberation as it does a homecoming. Between confessional lyrics and jazz-influenced chords and rhythms, First Fire engages the mind and the spirit. This return to deepest passion hopes to encourage fans to rekindle their first fires as well.



Jasmine Sankaran began writing songs in her bedroom, shrouded in the obscurity of Ventura County’s suburban labyrinth. After graduating from Berkeley with a degree in Creative Writing, she realized she had written more songs in college than short stories…From there she developed her sound with punk angst and melancholia at its core surrounded by ambient melodies and heavy textures. Her lyrics often combine the mysticism of her Vietnamese-Indian culture with the heartbreak and reality of growing up.