The Wild Reeds at The Satellite
The Wild Reeds at The Satellite Mondays in December

From the depths of the Southern California smog, there has emerged a breath of fresh air–The Wild Reeds. This outfit of performers has formed around a common purpose, to work hard and develop honest music. The Wild Reeds formed their original three-piece group in December of 2009. Today the band is composed of five parts, Kinsey Lee, Sharon Silva, Mackenzie Howe, Nick Jones and Nick Phakpiseth. The three front-women play a variety of instruments such as guitar, harmonium, banjo, and auto harp. Jones has brought drums and percussion to the group while Nick Phakpiseth is found on the bass guitar and upright bass.


The Wild Reeds strive to create music that, like their lives, reflects a constant state of progression and endurance. Their name was inspired by the Chinese parable, The Oak and the Reed. The band, like reeds blowing in the wind, demonstrates unexpected strength when faced with storms wild enough to knock down an oak tree.


To date, they have independently released two albums (Songs for the Morning, Afternoon, and Evening and Even When the Strong Winds Blow), toured the West Coast a few times, and played all across the Los Angeles music scene.