Set Times For Friday, October 3

***Set times are posted the morning of each show.  Set times are subject to change. ***

Doors at 8:30pm.

9 – Green Gerry

10 – Greylag

11 – The Whigs


Green Gerry


“The album’s bursting with energy and ideas, and unlike many ambitious young bands, Greylag actually execute their wild musical excursions…They seem like an antidote handed down from God to shut up certain people who like to complain that they just don’t make rock bands like they used to.” – Stereogum

The Whigs

“The deafening reverb and resounding bass confront you on a physical level from start to finish at any given Whigs show, hitting pressure points and leaving the prints of their notes on your eardrums, your legs, your fists, your temples. It’s one of those all-encompassing, all-too-rare experiences where you actually feel the music, every perfectly synched-up moment between guitars and crashing cymbals, each echo of every shout and snarl. It’s rad. It’s hard.” – Esquire