Riothorse Royale plays The Satellite every Monday in September!

RiothorseRoyaleIf you haven’t fallen completely into a rabbit hole by the end of “Rabbit Hole,” you are undoubtedly far too grounded to be hanging out here. It’s the rapturous first song from the duo Riothorse Royale, who leaked the song last year when they were going by the name Riothorse and added the Royale part ostensibly so nobody would get beat up by the Swedish metal band using Riothorse. Anyway, the project is the mind-meld of two estimable talents, L.A.-based Madi Diaz, whose latest album of pop intoxicants “Phantom” came out last fall, and Miami-bred, New York-based singer-songwriter Emily Greene, who released a well-regarded solo album in 2010, played in some other bands and, last year, collaborated with composer Pascal Le Boeuf in the deceivingly named Kissy Girls. The harmonies in “Rabbit Hole” exude that certain Crosby Stills & Nash warmth; and the song’s metronomic pace is almost trance-inducing. (On Twitter, Liz Phair described it as Joy Division-meets-the Raincoats.) Riothorse Royal report that they are putting the finishing touches on an EP titled “The Guest House.” Stay tuned to this station.