Just Announced – The Rosebuds on Fri Aug 29!

Wednesday,  June 11,  2014


The Rosebuds


After spending two years living on opposite coasts and pursuing their own creative projects, Ivan Howard and Kelly Crisp came back together last spring to set to work on the sixth full-length album from the Rosebuds.  Joining up with Bon Iver frontman Justin Vernon (a friend and former bandmate who, in a 2011 interview, noted that the Rosebuds make “some of the most important music in the world”), the North Carolina-bred duo spent a week in Vernon’s studio teasing out a batch of songs that effortlessly weave the hooky songcraft of classic jangle-pop, the cagey romanticism of new wave, and a refined yet full-hearted sensibility all their own.

See The Rosebuds live at The Satellite on Fri Aug 29! Tickets on sale this Fri,  June 13.