Friday, December 30th

Friday, December 30th, $10!

REMEMBERING BOWIE with performances by
1:00am – Laena Geronimo (“Memory of A Free Festival” and “Sun Machine”)
12:30pm – The Schizophrenics (“Watch That Man” and “Queen Bitch”)
12:00pm – Gateway Drugs (“Funtime” and “Suffragette City”)
11:30pm – Glam Skanks (“Starman” and “Hang On Yourself”)
11:15pm – Smoke Season (“Rock ’n’ Roll Suicide”)
11:00pm – Laena (“Moonage Daydream”)
10:45pm – Jeff Fribourg (“Andy Warhol”)
10:30pm – Frankie + the Studs (“Rebel Rebel”)
10:15pm – Veronica Bianqui (“It Ain’t Easy” and “Five Years”)
9:45pm – Blank Tapes (“Sound + Vision” and “Speed of Life)
9:30pm – The Blessings (“Diamond Dogs”)
9:15pm – Julian de la Celle + Modesto (“Man Who Sold the World”)
9:00pm – Jeffertitti Nile (“Soul Love”)
Doors at 8:30PM!