Radars to the Sky, Francisco The Man, Naive Thieves, Manhattan Murder Mystery

Radio Free Silverlake presents

Radars to the Sky

Francisco The Man

Naive Thieves

Manhattan Murder Mystery

Thu, February 23, 2012

Doors: 8:30 pm / Show: 9:00 pm (event ends at 2:00 am)

The Satellite

Los Angeles, CA


This event is 21 and over

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Radars to the Sky
Radars to the Sky
Francisco The Man
Francisco The Man
Born amidst the 7-Elevens and white trash comradery of Southern California's suburban desert, Los Angelenos Francisco the Man grew up the way bands used to grow up. Huddled in the corners of their parents' garages. In church halls. In basements. Passing cheap beer, pissing each other off, and dreaming of the day they might continue to do the same without a dead end day job.

Francisco the Man is indeed a real band from the days of yore, yet their sound is anything but dated: locomotive Crazy Horse jams with squalling feedback, the punky spirit of 1977 New York, sunburnt shoegaze hymnals, and chunky Motown grooves, all saturated in rose-hued California power pop.

The guys latest release is just as sweet. Right when the band's euphoric crests have you shaking off goosebumps, Francisco the Man pulls the plug at the most dramatic moment to send you floating dreamily down a river of ambience reminiscent of My Bloody Valentine's Loveless. It's perfect, really. The only thing left is to drift off and tune in to the earnest, idiosyncratic vocals of singer Scotty Cantino, who stands out from his peers as one of the few true innovators of modern guitar pop. Evocative of a young Doug Martsch, Cantino's sanguine and nostalgic lyricism hearkens back to those early memories of suburban paradise, with all the heart and pluck of a wisened street child who never forgot where he came from.

Their new 7" drops August 7th via Small Plates Records.

"psychedelic guitars, fuzzed out melodies and a deep love for the wall of sound" - YVYNYL

'music transcribing heavy influences of psychedelic rock alongside hints of post-punk, manifesting a gauntlet of wavering sing-alongs and power chords.' - Indie Ball

"Francisco The Man play a type of sunny, post-punk guitar rock that’s all been all but absent from the indie rock scene since the early/mid-2000′s... Broken Arrows” won me over immediately with it’s hook-filled, shoegaze-y guitar riffs and exuberant melody. The last half of the song is absolute bliss, indulging in nearly four minutes of some seriously enthusiastic guitar jamming" - Music For Kids Who Can't Read Good

"Broken Arrows is pure energy" - I Guess I'm Floating

"L.A.-based Francisco The Man makes reverb-drenched, ebullient indie rock." - Gold Soundz

"[Francisco the Man's came] just in time for the warming temperatures as it would make a great passenger for a destination-less cruise along the PCH" - Good For Your Ears
"Surfer aesthetic paired with sixties AM makes it something of a perfect jam..." - Friends With Both Arms
Naive Thieves
Naive Thieves
Hailing from the Inland Empire in Southern California, [Naive Thieves] has released their self-titled 5-song EP via their website, http://naivethieves.com, entitled From Nowhere. There is always something very, very refreshing about stumbling upon a band such as this one. It's bands like these that hold steady the faith I place in music, a faith that I place maybe a little too much confidence in given music's abundance of garbage soiling its name. This is not the case with Naive Thieves. These guys are the type of guy that make me glad to hold both ends of my broken headphones up to my ears for half an hour. The product of their efforts can be easily called music, and isn't that all we really want in the end? There are no after effects, nothing of that sort. From Nowhere gives one the impression that it was recorded in one go-around, a wholesome feel that is absent in much of the music we hear today. - Mind Equals Blown
Manhattan Murder Mystery
Manhattan Murder Mystery
"MMM are inheritors of postpunk who don’t pander to its legacy, they extend it"-WebInFront.net

"every Manhattan Murder Mystery show is like a battle royal. A wonderful, scummy battle royal." -Radio Free Silverlake

"This band can really rock the hell out of a venue, but the songwriting is strong and creative and never takes second place. Anyone who wasn't bouncing around had to be in a coma."-Feed Your Head

"MMM amps up the rhythm— so you can’t help but move."-SeanCarnage.com

"they're a band who sound like The Cult after a few shots of whiskey"-LA CityBeat

"(Manhattan Murder Mystery's)got the “post punk guitar pop” sound down like few I have heard."-YesorNoDC.com

"I had heard a lot of buzz about Manhattan Murder Mystery before seeing and photographing them for the first time Wednesday night. I was very impressed."-yyyikys.com

" The singer/guitarist started going crazy on stage during one of their closing songs. Crazy like, he was running around stage, running into the bassist and their equipment. He jumped on his small little amp for about a second before the amp gave-way and slipped out from under him. Needless to say he landed on his ass in the middle of stage."- KineticsDirect.com

"MMM shoulda been born in another time. They coulda been the Smiths or the Replacements. We can only thank our lucky stars that they are here and now, and that the Smiths and the Replacements are wishing they were from another time, dreaming of being Manhattan Murder Mystery." -Grant, Echo Curio
Venue Information:
The Satellite
1717 Silverlake Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90027