Vaud and The Villains (encore show)

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Vaud and The Villains (encore show)

Vaud & The Villains, Soko, Cowboy & Indian, The Rag Dolls (Burlesque), DJ Ana Calderon, Food Truck - Papa's Tapas

Mon, May 2, 2011

8:30 pm

The Satellite

Los Angeles, CA


This event is 21 and over

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Vaud and The Villains (encore show)
Vaud and The Villains (encore show)
Vaud and the Villains is 19 piece 1930s New Orleans orchestra and cabaret. With echos of Bruce Springsteen's Seeger Session Band, they are Americana Noir meets Moulin Rouge. A genre bending spectacle…at once seedy and inspiring…gritty and sublime. Bring your wretched souls, your sins and your dancing feet…they will save you and you will never be the same…
Vaud & The Villains
Vaud & The Villains
What Rock N Roll would sound like if they played it in the 1930s....It's boogie woogie, it's folk, it's zydeco, it's dixie, it's blues, it's swing, it's soul, it's revival, it's gospel, it's parlor music...oh my lord, it's one hell of a good time!!!
SoKo received world fame after releasing her “I’ll Kill Her” song. It was featured in a 2007 Stella McCartney fashion show, played by radio DJ’s from all over the world and even managed to chart in several countries, without a “real” CD release. SoKo really is a modern day musician, gaining fame from the internet and playing sold-out concerts without any promotion.
Cowboy & Indian
Cowboy & Indian
The story of Cowboy and Indian is a fascinating one, the likes of which this country traveler has seen only once, maybe twice before. You see, the story begins in the unlikeliest of settings. You'd have to travel one thousand miles east of the Mississippi River, and then you may just stumble upon Classroom 121 of 1879 Hall, a building that houses the Department of Philosophy--I gather that's what Old Man Halvorson used to call "deep thinking"--in the local university where our story originates. This classroom was, during the Spring months of the two thousand and fourth year of our Lord and Savior, home to a series of lessons in logic. So captivating were these lessons that one of the young pupils continued her studies with the instructor after the formal Semester had concluded. Now, I'm not well-versed in the principles of logical implication, but it seems to me logical to think that after a good while, these two would consider pursuing a relationship that is, shall we say, less academic in nature. .... As a matter of course, it wasn't long before our two scholars shared a domicile in the Empire State, County of Queens. And this is where our story takes an interesting turn. From what I hear, it was in the basement of that domicile that former instructor and former pupil combined their musical talents into one, disparate though their origins--musical and otherwise--were. The words and melodies, well those are provided by a good ol' country girl from the honest town of Humble, Texas. Indrany Datta-Barua is her name. Now that may not sound like an American name, but I can assure you that she's as American as they come, with a voice of singular quality. As for the music beneath the melodies, you might expect to hear a trusty old six-stringed guitar, in which case your expectations are sure to be confounded. It is a four-stringed bass guitar that you will hear instead, coming from the hands of Brett Sherman, a fast-walking New Yorker of modest stature, bearing an otherwise temperate disposition. .... Unfortunately for the duo, like many of their compatriots, they are no stranger to the harsh economic winds that have swept across our fine nation. Unable to secure adequate employment, they gathered their belongings and moved west to the ever-down-on-its-luck city of Cleveland, Ohio, where it is said that Ms. Datta-Barua is pursuing an education in the medical arts. It is in spite of these adversities that they travel and perform their music, sharing a vision of America for the common folk. Theirs is a message of opportunity amidst struggle, beauty amidst depression. Last I heard, they've been traveling to New York to record an Extended Play of three of their finest songs. I'm told it has something to do with a pony. .... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..
The Rag Dolls (Burlesque)
The Rag Dolls (Burlesque)
Once upon a time, burlesque was a well-loved and relatively respectable form of American theater that incorporated humor, eroticism and elaborate costumes. But post-Pussycat Dolls, when any group of women dancing in their underwear now seems to qualify as a burlesque troupe, the art has long lost its mystique, particularly in Los Angeles.

Amanda Marquardt, aka Gypsy Diamond, must have been well aware of this when she founded LA’s Rag Dolls Burlesque. That’s why, rather than starting yet another cheesy performance group that would make Gypsy Rose Lee turn in her grave, she created a uniquely fun and classy show that pays homage to burlesque’s roots in early 20th-century vaudeville. Under the former Shakespeare director’s careful guidance, Rag Doll Burlesque strives to revive the art of real burlesque, which Marquardt has described as a celebration of women’s sexuality. Rag Dolls’ performances draw inspiration from the original burlesque revues of the ’20s and ’30s, using dialogue and choreography from actual vaudeville acts. The stars are definitely more Dita von Teese than Nicole Scherzinger, while the costumes are pure glamor, and the backdrop, the Bordello Bar (once a brothel!), is as glitzy and historical as can be.

Even those who now roll their eyes at the mention of “burlesque” should check out the Rag Dolls– because who wouldn’t enjoy sipping a drink while taking in glamor, history and, yes, women dancing in their underwear? --Stubdog
DJ Ana Calderon
DJ Ana Calderon
A native of Peru, Ana Calderon was born into
a culture of music and art. With her father
being a seventies psychedelic musician, and
her mother an American artist, she grew up
with an insight many don't experience at such
young age. Immigrating to Kansas when she
was 6, heavy into rock and pop music by high
school - she knew her place was in music.
After working on rock shows in college, she
packed up her car on a whim and took a job in
production at punk label in Southern
Californiaʼs Valley. Once there, she became
acquainted with Steve Aoki and not too far
after became a manager at Dim Mak
Records. Working hand in hand with Steve on
the popular indie label, she was reminded of the creative freedom that she missed from college.

After some reluctance, she soon accepted her evolution into DJing and started spinning under the name ANA DIM MAK, with Steve serving as her mentor of sorts. In 2008 she left Dim Mak and presented club nights of
her own, establishing herself as a trusted band and celeb favorite. Long gone were the dance sets of Dim Mak,
Ana became known for her hit-after-hit crowd pleasing mix of oldies and modern indie rock. Without effort, Ana
became Hollywoodʼs go-to DJ.
In the past few years Ana has toured all over the country and abroad, making a name for herself everywhere
she lands. Recently she has DJed events such as: BMF Mediaʼs “The Music Lounge” @ Lollapalooza;
Lacosteʼs Coachella Party; Dieselʼs Coachella Party; 3OH!3, Cobra Starship, & La Roux shows @ Club Nokia;
She was handpicked to DJ at Broken Bells very first show and soon their public debut @ The Fonda Music
Box; Bamboozle East & Westʼs VIP tent (she was the only one asked to DJ this VIP tent); Prevention
Magazine Event @ Montage Beverly Hills, Babycakes Los Angeles Launch Party, Manifest Equality Event,
various Fred Segal Events, various Carrera Escape Events, The Cobrasnake Pawn Shop Opening, to name a

Since splitting with DIM MAK, she continues to DJ simply and unpretentiously as Ana Calderon. She currently
runs successful Los Angeles hot spot club “La Boum” on Wednesdays at Bardot, now in its second year and
the club almost always reaches capacity week after week. There is more on the horizon for Ana: music
curating, production, more events and weekly clubs coming up both in LA and NYC. She is currently working
on creating a live DJ set accompanied with bongo drums and other acoustic instruments, ready to debut in
Spring 2011. With the momentum she's continued to build she will continue to entertain crowds for years to
Venue Information:
The Satellite
1717 Silverlake Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90027