Warbly Jets January Residency with LA Witch, Magic Wands, Calvin Love, and DJ Rick Barzell (GreenSlime)

Balcony TV, Rebel Union Entertainment, and FOXES Presents

Warbly Jets January Residency with LA Witch, Magic Wands, Calvin Love, and DJ Rick Barzell (GreenSlime)

Mon, January 9, 2017

Doors: 8:30 pm / Show: 9:00 pm (event ends at 2:00 am)

The Satellite

Los Angeles, CA


This event is 21 and over

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Warbly Jets
Warbly Jets
Ask Julien O'neill how Warbly Jets fits into LA's music scene and he'll have a simple answer for you: They don't. They exist out there in the ether—caught somewhere in between yesterday and today, where massive rock 'n' roll melodies brush up against skittish breakbeats, swoon-worthy strings, and laser-guided synth lines.

"A lot of LA bands are hung up on what used to be," explains the keyboardist, "and refuse to realize how forward-thinking music can be when you embrace modernity. We have no interest in writing something solely indebted to paisley and teardrop guitars."

"I love all the people here," adds singer/guitarist Samuel Shea. "That being said, I'm not a big fan of the '60s psych resurgence happening in LA right now. Our goal has always been to blend our influences from the past with today's technology instead of just recreating the jangly guitar music that was perfected by countless bands five decades ago. This hasn’t necessarily given us the most obvious fast track, but we never gave a damn about being a scene band when we moved here anyway."

They couldn't afford to, really. With little to no money, circumstances led them to several months of couch-surfing, at one point when they finally secured a lockout production space in Venice, Samuel and Julien had no choice but to stay at a questionable motel nearby and begin to chip away. Another studio setback in San Diego left the two searching for housing back in LA while, perhaps more importantly, searching for the right space to record the band's first official cuts. The process was far from perfect.

“There were quite a few moments of slogging through shit” says O'neill, "but there were also some very lucky breaks in the end." Chief among them: the additions of Justin Goings on drums and Dan Gerbang on bass.

They've certainly needed the support at times; aside from the typical growing pains all bands experience, Shea was in a bad motorbike accident last year that left him with a fractured wrist and forearm. And while he felt "completely defeated" at first, "wondering if I would ever be able to play an instrument again," Shea was ultimately able to heal with the help of music, crafting vocal melodies and lyrics with Gerbang as the pair produced “Alive” – a tune that is appropriately now their debut single.

"It's been a great development to be able to share writing duties and produce as much as we possibly can with this group," says O'neill. Finding inspiration in downtown LA's Ultrasound Studios, the quartet dynamic and individual determination has seen the band hit it’s stride recently with a slew of key performances in the Los Angeles area and growing label interest, all the while crafting a larger studio endeavor that isn’t necessarily in the flow of their contemporaries.

Willing this project into existence, “Alive” is essentially a collective self-affirmation that aspiring to create in the face of all circumstances–internal or external–is the artist’s most vital role. In hindsight, there was never really any question for Shea and company, but the journey so far has certainly yielded plenty of new answers.

Warbly Jets debut single is streaming now.
LA Witch
LA Witch
If Los Angeles were anything like Salem, Massachusetts during its 17th century witch trials, this all-girl four-piece would be burnt at the stake for their craft. Instead, the eerie melodies of California natives L.A. WITCH haunt the City of Angels from stage to stage, with their blend of alluring vocals, twangy guitars and heavy drums accented by ethereal harp notes and ominous organ lines. The witches’ live performances bring forth a dark and moody ambience that is not to be missed. In a land of endless acts, these girls have shown tremendous dedication to their craft, setting the stage for a new breed of haunting heroines.
The witches are...
Sade - guitar and vocals
D - harp and guitar
Irita - bass and organ
Crystal - drums and percussion
Magic Wands
Magic Wands
"We've had a spate of blues-rockin' White Stripes-alikes, even ones trying to throw us off the scent like the all-male Black Keys and all-female the Pack AD, and now we're about to see hordes of duos going for some of that boy-girl Ting Tings action. Pin Me Down's forthcoming Cryptic is one such male-female electro-pop release, and Black Magic by Magic Wands is another. Opening with a memorable fuzzed-up guitar riff that provides the slight melody line, it proceeds along a half-traditional instrumental, half-programmed path, with electronic handclaps providing rhythmic markers as Dexy Valentine intones with the deathless cool of a pop Nico or a nu-rave Debbie Harry about the mystical allure of how's-yer-father." - The Guardian
Calvin Love
Calvin Love
Calvin Love is striving to be a demigod of the highway. An artist driven by a vision which seems to haunt and seduce him. That could be the word. Seduction, as opposed to the banal force of production. People make music. The person reading this probably makes music. Or maybe some other kind of art. Who knows. For you, and for me, and For everyone lucky enough to be familiar with Calvin Love is the quintessential artist as inspiration. A person who peers into himself to reveal something about the world that might otherwise go unarmed, or perhaps merely felt and never properly articulated. I see Calvin at an intersection in every city on earth, unmasking the hidden wonder, the past as construed by movies and the archetypes that populate our minds. The hitchhiker. The gentle, supple poet whose aim is to elucidate humanity for the weary denizens of the weary world. He proves that in the form of cartoon darkness there is a reality beyond that which is fully amenable to basic speech, and so must be corralled in a blind faith in a palette. All great artwork depends on a palette, on the choices that one makes in pulling the shades of that palette into one’s control out of a sense of belief that I don't understand.

Watch videos of Calvin practicing. Go see his shows. He is a rare gift that more than so much of what we're forced to consume offers a vision.
Venue Information:
The Satellite
1717 Silverlake Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90027