Friday, 12/28/2018

Antenna the End


Antenna The End (AtE) is a Los Angeles based music ensemble spearheaded by Armenian-American Songwriter & Bassist, David Hakopyan, featuring a motley cast of creatives, Tadeh Petrossian on Guitar & Back Up Vocals, Mesrop Karapetyan on Guitar, Cello & Back Up Vocals, & Ryan Knights on Drums. As for Genre, you decide. David’s former and most notable work has been LA Art Rock band, The Apex Theory.

The Orbellion


Heavy Machinery


A heavy and soulful rock project headed by producer and vocalist Gigo Avakian, accompanied by drummer Sammy J. Watson (The Apex Theory), guitarist Rod Castro (caroucells), bassist Andrew Behjatnia (Chameleon Conductor) and master of duduk Jivan Gasparyan, Jr.