Tuesday, 03/26/2019

Set Times

Doors at 8:30
9 - Johnny Stranger
10 - The Two Tens
11 - Karma Vultures

Times subject to change without notice

The Two Tens

"They may be all but just two people, but The Two Tens are a hot new L.A. duo to be reckoned with. Made up of Adam Bones on the punk rock vocal vibrato (and shredding guitar), and Rikki Styxx playfully pounding away on the skins, The Two Tens exude a ferocious sound live." - Los Angeles Magazine "Garage punk at its best" - Huffington Post "With all but just two people, The Two Tens get a perfect 10!" - Grimy Goods "The Two Tens serve up lightning-quick garage rock that turns the clock back to first-wave punk. The single "Scene" persistently asks "Where's your scene?" and delivers an answer in just over two minutes: Wherever you're keeping your old Ramones vinyl." - Buzzbands LA

Johnny Stranger

“…An impressive and attention-grabbing slew of guitar-driven rock n’ roll (the kind that reminds me of my youth in the ‘90s) jarred and combusted at a pace reminiscent of today’s ProTools birthed popular radio - with a hint of funk thrown in for flavor - Johnny Stranger sounds like a band that’s grown into its britches. Johnny Stranger’s riffs are chunky and tight, and though Johnny admits there were growing pains along the way, the band has reached a point where the power can be felt.” - the Weekly Volcano New album coming soon...

Karma Vulture

Karma Vulture is a three piece heavy rock band from Los Angeles. Consisting of Conor Soellane on bass and vocals, Will Hammond on guitar, and Nick Bock on drums. Karma Vulture aim to deliver heavy riffs, catchy melodies, and poignant lyrical content to your ear balls. “If it looks like we might be loud, that’s because we are.”