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Monday, 10/01/2018

Set Times

Doors at 8:30
8:45 - dielines
9:30 - Alex Price + Dang
10:30 - Possible Oceans

Times subject to change without notice

Free Show!

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Possible Oceans


Possible Oceans is an LA based experimental indie rock band led by singer/guitarist Trevor O’Neill and long-time songwriting partner Daniel Berkman. Their sound is comprised of driving rhythms, pulsing synths, and interweaving guitar lines, which form the perfect landscape for O’Neill’s stirring vocals and intimate lyrics. Informed by O’Neill’s study of world music cultures at UCLA’s Ethnomusicology department, and drawing on influences as varied as The National, Queens of the Stone Age, and New Order, the group creates songs that sit just outside what you would expect from indie rock. Their latest single, “Falling Backwards,” will be released in June 2019. Produced and engineered by Jules de Gasperis (Low Hum, James Supercave, Bleached), the track finds the group exploring new facets of their sound, embracing a more chorus driven form while remaining true to the swirling guitars and decadent soundscapes that have always defined their sound. “Falling Backwards” will be accompanied by a video shot by photographer James Juarez and directed by O’Neill.

Alex Price + Dang


Alex Price is a guitarist, plain and simple. Though truth be told, he sometimes disguises himself as a singer-songwriter, and even occasionally a drummer or bassist. When the stars align he wears all these hats to create his debut EP, Left Off Wrong. His sounds certainly aren’t modern, though calling him a 60s or 70s revivalist wouldn’t fit either. There is not a blatant retro worship to the songs, but a plain-clothes nostalgia. Perhaps it’s his limited recording setup and familiar American Rock & Roll energy that draws comparisons to the past. Could be that he’s Tom Petty’s lucky loser, just another Robert Pollard wannabe, or some ordinary guy with a guitar. All we know for sure is that he indeed has a guitar. His debut EP, Left Off Wrong, is set for release October 26th.



Songwriter Robert Dylan Bare combines his taste for Psychadelcic Garage and Surf Rock with dreamy pop harmonies. Backed by jazz musicians Anina (on Keys and Vox), Ian Early (Bass), Matt Camgros (Drums) and Scott Anderson (Guitar) Geauxlightly is in the process of mixing their Debut EP. With the help of Jason Quever of Paper Cuts as Engineer and co-producer, GL hopes to release their new tunes winter 2018.



dielines is a Silver Lake, CA based band lead by singer/songwriter/guitarist Daniel Berkman along with longtime creative collaborator Trevor O’Neill (guitar/vocals) that blends elements of dream folk and post-rock. Known for intricately finger-picked guitars, atmospheric strings and winding harmonies, dielines weave intimate, hypnotic musical textures to get lost in. Formed in 2017, they recorded their debut EP, Deep Breaths, with Aki Ehara (songwriter/bassist/producer for The Seshen) in his Richmond, CA studio along with violinist/violist Molly Rogers (known for performing with Hans Zimmer, Kamasi Washington, Gladys Knight and more). Daniel and Trevor started preforming together back in 2012 in the indie rock band Sympathetic Frequencies which has since evolved into their other project Possible Oceans. Berkman wrote the majority of songs while in the process of moving back to Los Angeles from a stint in Portland, OR. After graduating from UCLA School Of Arts and Architecture in 2009 he moved to Portland pursue a music career inspired by Elliot Smith. After becoming disillusioned with the scene there, he moved back to LA at the beckoning of O’Neill to start Sympathetic Frequencies and launched his career in design for various commercial film production companies. The four tracks that now comprise the Deep Breaths EP remained unrecorded while Berkman’s focus shifted to the corporate world and other musical projects. It wasn’t until he decided to quit full-time agency life in 2017 to try one more time to pursue his musical aspirations that he finally went home to Oakland to record the EP. The first single, "Easy Does It" will be released Sept. 28th.