Sunday, 09/30/2018

Set Times

Doors at 8
8:30 - Blythe Spirit
9:10 - Nature Docs
10 - A Darker Bright
10:50 - Frends

Times subject to change without notice

Ticket price: $8.00

The Satellite Presents

A Darker Bright


A Darker Bright formed in the fall of 2017 out of ashes of musical and personal decline. Bands and relationships had fallen apart but best friends Scott Czerwonka (lead guitar/vocals), Geoff Prather (lead vocals/guitar/synth), and Bryan Smith (bass/vocals/keys) kept gathering to write and play through the doldrums. Eventually, at just the right time Christian McDonald (percussion/vocals) was introduced to the fold and the fit was perfect. Christian’s skills on the kit and general optimism and stoke was just the missing component and the four became fast friends. Suddenly, they had a band, and already there were songs formed and forming. The spectrum of sound could now go far and wide: garnering comparisons of Jimmy Eat World mixed with the Cure to Phoenix playing with Band of Horses. The music felt right so the fellas charged hard through the winter and put out their first EP Escape to end the year on an upswing. In 2018 they've continued to charge and have played as many shows as they could land as a baby rock n'roll band in the hyper competitive city of angels. They've recorded another EP, a self-titled collection of 4 songs set to be released this December.



Nature Docs


Like a cool canyon jaunt or a buggy roll in the hay, the music of Nature Docs is fragrant, unfiltered and intimate. Sprung branches and sticky feelings. The trio uses no loops or backing tracks, only tightly woven arrangements telling personal stories over slinky rhythms. Like a jankier-but-woke Steely Dan, never to be as pretty as the Beach Boys or as stanky as Dilla, but running down that fresh tangled path anyhow. Come joggin'

Blythe Spirit