Wednesday, 09/12/2018

Set Times

Doors at 8:30
9 - Sway
9:45 - Film Speed
10:30 - Bristol To Memory
11:30 - Victory Kid

Times subject to change without notice

Ticket price: $8.00

The Satellite Presents

Bristol To Memory


Bristol To Memory is an American rock band based in Southern California. Combining elements of alternative rock, emo rock, pop, and punk, Bristol To Memory’s sound is influenced by bands such as Brand New and Saves The Day. First formed in 2005, their name originates from the cross streets in Santa Ana where front man Rory O’Connell, brother/bassist, Kealan O’Connell and their childhood friend, drummer, Alex Buster, grew up. Rounded out by Daniel Wonacott (former guitarist for Finch) Bristol To Memory is now stronger than ever. Their musical compositions and collaboration evoke a feeling of nostalgic excitement with their dynamic guitar progression, thrilling choruses, and poetic lyrics. Touring the Western United States, Canada and most recently the Midwest and Eastern United States, Bristol To Memory has performed on noteworthy stages such as the Van’s Warped Tour, SXSW Music Festival, House Of Blues, The Roxy, and The Whiskey. Bristol To Memory’s music has already been licensed for several national television networks such as MTV, The Oxygen Channel, and Fox Sports West with the Los Angeles Angels Baseball Club. Receiving the award for best punk band from OC Weekly in both 2014 and 2015, Bristol To Memory has gained a reputation of one of the foremost up and coming bands in Southern California. With five solid EPs of material already under their belt, Bristol To Memory recently wrapped production on their first full-length album produced by their own lead guitarist Daniel Wonacott. The album is scheduled for release later in 2018.



Two parts Motown, one part Tinseltown, all parts moving. This is how Detroit power trio Filmspeed describe their intricate sound. Comprised of Craig Broomba (vocals, guitars), Nick Stout (bass, guitar, backup vocals), and Oliver Dobrian (drums, backup vocals), Filmspeed combines blood pumping anthems, melodic hooks, and soulful grooves to create a sound that is uniquely their own, as evident in their album “Hexadecimal.” The name stems on a reflection of memories and past events that tell a story from your point of view. The band explains, “[memories] always comes in bits and pieces like chopped up scenes from a movie about yourself. As more crazy things happen in this life, the more you’re living at the speed of a film; Filmspeed.”

Victory Kid


Victory Kid are Southern California’s answer to a question that has yet to be asked. With their high energy blend of Pop-Punk, Ska and Rock they allude to a time when everything was possible and nothing was off the table.



SWAY is Dark Pop. A sound that can move you in any direction in a wave of upbeat modern 80’s synth Pop with a touch of darkness. SWAY is the creation of Freddy Hale, a Swedish-American singer/songwriter, who combined elements from all of the music that he has loved and transformed the sound of Pop into something real for our generation. The music came to life in 2016 when Freddy and Niklas Myrback, a Swedish guitarist with a very refined and powerful yet minimalistic style, began shaping and perfecting the songs in Hollywood, California. Cadu CJ was next to join the team, a Brazilian drummer living in LA, he was drawn into the project by the unique music that Freddy produced and ended up adding the right amount of punch to accentuate the sound of SWAY. The group became complete in early 2018, when Swedish bassist Daniel Juter joined the project as the missing link the boys needed in order to have their own personal SWAY Dream Team. Since then, the group has been performing live shows in the greater LA area, attracting many followers, and changing the way that people experience Pop Music. The group is set to release 3 singles in 2018, prior to the release of their debut album coming in Spring 2019.