Thursday, 09/13/2018

Set Times

Doors at 8:30
Blossom Records & Wild Riot Present
9 - Matt Rose
11 - Sherif Serag & The Time Travelers

with Wild Riot's #InkSquad $10 Tattoos at The Backbar!

Times subject to change without notice

Blossom Records & Wild Riot Present

Sherif Serag & The Time Travelers


Sherif Serag is a singer/songwriter residing in Los Angeles, CA preparing to release his debut EP, “Look How Far We’ve Come”. It’s a genre defying album that touches upon garage punk, pop rock, and acoustic ballads without losing his signature lyrical style. Sherif’s influences are deeply rooted in the great folk-rock troubadour’s of the last fifty years, but he blends that with timeless music that never sounds dated. His unique voice beautifully paints images through personal, heart-felt lyrics. Sherif spent the last year honing in on his sound with Producer and multi-instrumentalist Omer Avni at RiotVan Productions.

Matt Rose


Matt Rose is a Hip Hop artist dabbling in almost every form of media he can get his hands on. With no place to call his "hometown", he has traveled the US performing, finally hanging his hat in Los Angeles. His debut EP, Fool's Gold, was recently released.