Wednesday, 07/18/2018

Set Times

Doors at 8:30
8:45 - Madus
9:45 - Paradise Vultures
10:45 - Culprit
11:45 - Beachwood Coyotes

Times subject to change without notice

Beachwood Coyotes


Jason is tripping in Hollywood at 2AM. Having just taken acid for the first time, he navigates through a vortex of geometric displays comprising the essence of life before deciding he simply must go on a night hike up the Beachwood Canyon trail to the iconic Hollywood sign. The band Jason has played guitar in since age 16 has just broken up after years of cross-country tours, and he suddenly faces an uncertain future. Unfortunately for Jason, as he approaches the trailhead he spots a group of coyotes heading down towards him. Have you ever seen coyotes on acid? They’re scary as hell. Jason retreats back to his apartment, wallowing in disappointment at another lost opportunity. He discovers the next morning that three decapitated bodies were discovered on that very same trail, victims of an apparent gang hit. Time of death? The exact same time he was scared away. Did those beachwood coyotes save his life? You bet they did. Suddenly songs start pouring out of Jason, years and years of relentless touring providing fertile subject matter for songs about the loneliness of life on the road and the seedy underbelly of Los Angeles. After bringing the hard-hitting rhythm section of bassist Drew Smith and drummer Bryan King on board along with Canadian guitar phenom Yan Clermont, Beachwood Coyotes is born. Buoyed by a growing local fanbase and multiple successful tours throughout the western US, Beachwood Coyotes are ready for their next step in their musical endeavor. Their latest EP ’Scrubby’ is set be released in summer of 2017. God bless those damn coyotes.




Paradise Vultures


Formed in 2016 in Los Angeles, Paradise Vultures combines the raw expressionism of grunge with pop sensibilities. The band’s debut EP, “Gourmet Carrion” was released independently on all digital platforms in late 2017.



With an impressive DIY attitude since 2006, Three EP's later and a couple hundred shows across the United States alone — Los Angeles Alternative Rock band Culprit are carving their name in history books. Culprit's latest 2017 release and first full length album "SONDER" was recorded throughout 2015/16 at the prestigious Grey Area Studios (Erik Ron) and was Produced & Engineered by Anthony Reeder (PVRIS / This Wild Life). Fans of Armor For Sleep, From Indian Lakes and Emarosa are in for a real treat — SONDER is a mature effort written and recorded by passionate, professional musicians. Whether it's Travis Powell's lead vocals driving each track forward, Zach Blumenfeld's signature fuzzy bass lines or Jason Michalski's redefining sound on the drums, Culprit demonstrate how best friends with a dedication towards their craft, have fused together to create a sonically cohesive record, well beyond their years. After completing SONDER in late 2016, Culprit ran a successful independent PledgeMusic campaign (to help raise funds for additional merch/vinyl, touring & global social media exposure). With the late recruitment of Eddie Rosales (Back Pocket Memory) on lead guitar, Culprit is now looking to expand their sound & fast growing audience by touring nationally with SONDER. The future seems to be shining bright for these talented musicians. If one thing is certain, Culprit won't be closing doors or slowing down any time soon. – Steve Barkoczy |




Madus is a riffy, dynamic, Alternative Rock band from Los Angeles that beckons to fans of Arctic Monkeys, Queens of the Stone Age, and the Strokes. They are comprised of Dugan Cruz on vocals/guitar, Lenny Barahona on Bass, and Sam Sobo on Drums. Madus is known for their electric live performances and versatile musical style. The band released their debut EP in June 2013, which was recorded by Grammy Award winning producer Matt Hyde (No Doubt, Jonny Lang). The EP showcased an aggressive sound tempered with soulfulness and occasional melancholy. After releasing a few scattered singles through 2014, Madus now has their second EP set to release in the Spring of 2015 with a Southwest Tour to support it.