Thursday, 07/12/2018

Set Times

Doors at 8
8:30 - Dizzy Dames
9:30 - Dang Clets
10:30 - Mo Lowda & The Humble

Times subject to change without notice

Mo Lowda & the Humble


Known for their progressive song writing and energetic live performances, Mo Lowda & the Humble's beginnings were in the beer-soaked basements of Philadelphia. Following the release of their first full length album in 2013, the trio, consisting of Jordan Caiola, Shane Woods, and Nate Matulis began playing venues throughout the city. After experiencing the high of multiple sold out hometown shows, The Humble took their act on the road. 2015 was highlighted by shows throughout the country and plays at notable summer festivals such as Firefly. The band's 2016 sophomore release, 'Act Accordingly', is a short and sweet embodiment of the band's natural progression; refining their already formidable sound.

Dang Clēts


Dang Clēts is an indie rock band with a generous sprinkle of synthesizer. Formed in Boston in 2011, DC draws sonic inspiration from the likes of Beach House and Grizzly Bear. The band members now share a roof in their hometown of Los Angeles where they write, record, eat, sleep, laugh, and cry together. Following an EP release in the summer of 2017, band is currently working on their first full length record.

Dizzy Dames

Music is family. Family is music. Life is a poem. My poem is life. Dizzy Dames is a collection of friends and family, giving you everything they have to give.