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Tuesday, 11/26/2019

Set Times

Doors at 8 | 21+
9:00 - Crystales
9:45 - Total Recluse
10:20 - Jody
11:00 - Reflective Detectives
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Times subject to change without notice

The Satellite Presents

Total Recluse


Richard is a recluse from Silverlake, CA (by was of San Diego) who creates and performs music under the moniker Total Recluse. Richard's latest release, Coastal Lows has been described as "dreamy psych-pop."



Jody is a three piece Los Angeles based band consisting of Van Shydner (Guitar/Vox), Raychel Tubul (Bass/Backup Vox), and Greg Shilton (Drums/Backup Vox). They all met and hail from the San Fernando Valley, and all three have been fully entrenched and inspired by the contemporary LA music scene of the last 10+ years. Their musical styles range from poppy, to dreamy, to post punk and garage. Each song fully encompasses the emotions tied to the genre which are expressed by their passion, joys, struggles and confusion that arise from daily life. With subject matters ranging from LGBT identity to interpersonal dynamics Jody’s music attributes an infectious energy with a hopeful attitude.



Crystales evoke the California coast with their distorted surf riffs and Beach Boys-inspired melodies. Songs like the dreamy "Boring" and kaleidescopic "Seance" combine deep distortion a la My Bloody Valentine with touches of Phil Spector's wall of sound, the Smiths' jangle pop and Spanish music, while songs like "Shoggoth" are darker and heavier, revealing a sound closer to Nirvana or Sonic Youth. Their self-titled debut was recorded by Joel Jerome and was released in 2018 on Burger Records.

Reflective Detectives


Reflective Detectives are a psychedelic-garage amalgam led by songwriter and guitarist Ryan Gabrinetti. Drawing from LA’s vibrant musical past and present, their sound propels and subverts the tropes of modern psychedelia while seasoning it with political musings and social consciousness. Live, the Detectives inject the tunes with dynamic electric improvisations and mind-bending freak-outs that are rarely duplicated. Their newest "Total Fiction" is streaming everywhere now.