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Tuesday, 12/10/2019

Set Times

Doors at 8
The Last Holiday Party of The Decade!
9 - The Drives
11 - VEERS
DJ Set by Nina Tarr
Matchbook Art Show
Neon Art Show

Times subject to change without notice

Pabst Sound Society Presents

The Last Holiday Party of The Decade!



Veers are a UK founded band currently based in Los Angeles, California. Singer/guitar player Andrew James fronts the group along with guitarist- Spencer Schuck, bass player- Nick Lanata and drummer- Chris Neff. Each member brings along their own influence to the well delivered dynamic of the band. Veers pride themselves on English/European rock music, and draw from influences such as Verve, M83, Demob Happy, Interpol and Black Sabbath, amongst others. Their live show is an truly polished experience and very much a presentation in the likes of a stadium-style full emersion of sound and presence. Well thought, well rehearsed, and mindfully written, Veers, are sure to win the hearts of a wide array of listeners.


By definition, BADTALKERS is an indie band. The Los Angeles-based quartet creates melodic rock music with the standard fare — bass, drums, guitars, synth, vocals. But that’s only by definition. Citing acts from The Smiths to NWA as influences, BADTALKERS incorporate apparent elements of hip-hop into their sound, while approaching sensitive lyrical subject matter with poise and ease. It’s kind of like if the Beastie Boys covered the Pixies. The band’s latest single, “No Pity,” is a perfect example of all their influences at work. The song begins with a steady synth line and electronic flares reminiscent of a hip-hop track, and when the drum kicks in, it’s apparent that simple beat is going to lead the way for the rest of the song. Vocalist Richard Leon doesn’t hold anything back as he sings about the dark parts of LA in a general enough way that it could be any city. “Our band is true to ourselves, it makes a statement and doesn't really fall into what most bands are doing.” says Leon. “We find most of our inspiration from everyday struggles and things that try to keep us down and we try to channel those emotions into our songs. We want to be a voice for those who have gone through the same things we do.” That honesty and self-awareness is at the core of every BADTALKERS song, and it’s one that unquestionably separates them from their indie peers.

The Drives

The Drives formed in late 2016 after the bedroom recordings of Andrew Levin (guitar/vocals) and Casey Chen (guitar/keyboard), best friends since high school, began making a stir online. After Geo Botelho (bass) and Diego Diaz (drums) joined, the band began playing live shows around Southern California. The band carefully mixes elements of indie rock, garage rock, and indie electro-pop to create a charming and memorable sound. In mid 2017 the band entered the studio to record their debut self titled EP. The five track EP highlights the bands' knack for creating infectious melodies with stadium friendly riffs.