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Wednesday, 01/15/2020

Set Times

Doors at 8:30 | 21+
9 - Chase Petra
9:40 - Tummyache
10:15 - Broken Baby
11:00 - Potty Mouth
She Rocks! KXLU 88.9FM DJs
spinning between sets!

Times subject to change without notice

The Satellite Presents

Potty Mouth

Potty Mouth arrived in the early 2000-teens as a feel-good punk rock force from the fabled Western Massachusetts scene. Formed while Ally (bass) and Victoria (drums) were students at Smith College, and Abby (guitar/vox) a local rocker, they quickly made a national name for themselves with their brand of art-sensible power-punk wrapped in a catchy, fist-pumping package. In 2016, Potty Mouth moved to Los Angeles and began working with engineer Courtney Ballard to record a stockpile of songs they had created over the years since the release of their 2015 self-titled EP. This collection of songs have come together as SNAFU, the band's forthcoming sophomore album being release March 1, 2019 on Get Better Records. The album is currently available for pre-order and the lead single, "22," is available for streaming.

Broken Baby

With music and lyrics that focus an unwieldy rage with wit and academic-like precision, Broken Baby has burrowed an unlikely path through the sludge of 21st century alternative rock. They’re not riffy, yet they are. They’re not glam, yet they are (or at least front-woman Amber Bollinger certainly is). They’re not catchy, yet they totally are. They invite you into their songs with riffs and glam and pop, only to toss you into the blistering inferno of their devilishly charming kiln. With the constant churn of their song machine, not to mention the band’s absolutely blistering live performances, Broken Baby is a modern-day rock juggernaut built for the new DIY ethos of our time.


Brainchild of songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Soren Bryce, Tummyache represents a further maturation of an artist defiantly maneuvering the dark depths of adulthood. The project is named after one of the side effects of severe physical anxiety. The debut EP “HUMPDAY” is an honest and aggressive self-dive into a myriad of intra/interpersonal issues; as well as a reflection of the human condition through the lens of absurdism.

Chase Petra

Chase Petra is composed of Hunter Allen (guitar & vocals), Brooke Dickson (bass & vocals), and Evan Schaid (drums). These three got together in 2018 in an attempt to face the world as honestly and forcefully as possible. That focus can best be summed up in their name. Petra is a character from the 1985 science fiction novel, Ender's Game. She is both commanding and soft, authoritative and delicate. The members strive every day to emulate the pure tenacity of their fictional feminist icon Petra, hence the "chase" in Chase Petra. Hailing from Long Beach, CA, this group is willing to go just about anywhere and try just about anything and they are very much looking forward to the future.