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Monday, 10/21/2019

Set Times

Doors at 8:30 | 21+
Kristeen Young Residency
9 - Ugly Sweaters
10 - Kristeen Young
11 - Doctrin (Single Release)

Times subject to change without notice

Free Show!


The Satellite Presents

Kristeen Young Residency


Starting out life as a foster kid in St. Louis, the half-Apache/half-German, hard-to-describe (pin down and destroy) artist, Kristeen Young, has always been the very definition of D.I.Y. Step by small step (without a record label, booking agent, or manager) Young has moved from difficult beginnings to recording and touring (as opening act) with some of the most respected musicians of the era: David Bowie, Morrissey, Dave Grohl & Pat Smear, Nick Zinner (and more). With her new album, “The SubSet” (tbr Sep. 4, 2019) Young continues this take-the-reigns rule of action by writing, arranging, producing, mixing, and playing almost every instrument (except live drums: played by drummer, Jefferson “Baby Jef” White) herself. The dissonant piano bashing, tribal beats, operatic vocals, and incisive lyric moments are all there, but in changing contexts and mixed-genre settings. In support of the release this autumn, Young will be playing residencies in various cities: including Berlin in NYC in September, The Satellite in Los Angeles and DNA Lounge in San Francisco in October, and various venues in London in November.

Doctrin (Single Release)


Transcending sweet singer/songwriter into angsty-teen & finally, ferocious front woman; Doctrin is the evolution and life of Dolly. Love, Lust, Anger and Pain are the driving emotions of Doctrin's lyrics, often riddled with sexual innuendos and personal in-jokes. Dolly's true life story in song is an unfiltered commentary on relationships, tragedy and loss as well as pure bliss and personal happiness. Australian born creator, vocalist and guitarist, Dolly Denko's relocation to LA has garnered performances at Echo Park Rising Festival 2019, Pappy & Harriet’s, The Hi Hat, The Satellite, Resident DTLA, The Viper Room and Harvard & Stone. Denko is well known for writing, directing and producing Doctrin's music videos as well as videos for other musical acts like Skux for commercial release.

Ugly Sweaters


Raised in Zimbabwe, schooled in Australia and living in Los Angeles, Ugly Sweaters is the musical melding of Mandla and his three best friends Claire, Alex and Ian. The quartet play a raucous live set, mixing Rock n Roll foundations with flares of punk and garage pop.