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Friday, 09/27/2019

Set Times

Doors 8:30
9:00 – Skyeater
10:00– Trapped Within Burning Machinery
11:00 – Mizmor
12:00 - Hell

Times subject to change without notice

Advance ticket price: $13.00

Day of Show ticket price: $16.00

Spaceland Presents



Extreme funeral doom metal from Salem, OR since 2008. All music written and recorded by M.S.W. Active as a live performance with session musicians from Mania (13), מזמור (Mizmor), and The Fools.





מזמור, or Mizmor, is a one-man heavy music exploration that began in 2012 as a way of dealing with the mental and spiritual anguish I, A.L.N., feel as a person. More specifically, the content behind the project is that of the existential - primal and innate musings about cause, purpose, self, and god. It is the search for light and truth, or the fact that there is none. It comes from an embittered, burned, confused, and broken heart. It is the fight for survival when reason and foundation has turned to nothingness. It is the crashing down of towers of falsehood and the freedom that comes through a certain kind of grief. Ultimately, Mizmor is the manifestation of my long-felt depression, and neither have an end in sight.

Trapped Within Burning Machinery


Trapped Within Burning Machinery is an American sludge/doom metal band from Moreno Valley, California formed in 2009. The band consists of vocalist and guitarist Zak Esparza, guitarist Rob Trujillo, drummer Geoff Jones and bassist Ernie Lara.