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Thursday, 09/26/2019

Set Times

Doors at 8:30 | 21+
Spaceland Presents
Stolen Jars
with Pacer, Business Of Dreams, & Simulcast

Times subject to change without notice

Advance ticket price: $10.00

Day of Show ticket price: $12.00

Spaceland Presents

Stolen Jars


Light bounces back from everything. On A Reminder, Stolen Jars’ third LP, feelings never disappear — they refract, bounce back, return as part of a new whole. The same can be said of Stolen Jars, a band Cody Fitzgerald has guided through multiple permutations, from a high-school bedroom project in Montclair, NJ to a fixture of the Brooklyn indie rock scene. A Reminder finds Stolen Jars deepening their arrangements, sharpening their lyrics, and expanding the band’s palette with powerful vocal melodies from Sarah Coffey. “Driving,” from Stolen Jars’ self-titled debut, was featured in an Apple iPad Commercial; Kept, their sophomore LP, garnered praise from the Village Voice, Stereogum, and NPR; videos from their most recent release glint, a six-song visual EP, premiered on Paste and Impose. The live band – with guitarist and vocalist Cody Fitzgerald, vocalist Sarah Coffey, guitarist Peter Enriquez, keyboardist Grant Meyer, and drummer Matt Marsico – toured heavily, from the Eastern seaboard to the Midwest, honing a frenetic set that they captured in a stop at Audiotree. All this while Fitzgerald has worked on feature-length scores for The Rewrite (2014), Hard Sell (2016), and Disney’s forthcoming Christmas movie Noelle. Read more....

Business Of Dreams


Corey Cunningham is Business Of Dreams. Born in Nashville and raised in the rural counties surrounding it, Cunningham took the first Greyhound out of town at age 19. He arrived in Palo Alto with nothing but clothes and a discman. After spending the small amount of money he had on cheap motels, he stumbled into a job at a natural food store where he met Phil Benson. The two teenagers would become roommates and start The Cosmos, Magic Bullets, and Terry Malts over the course of the next two decades. In 2015, Cunningham’s father passed away leading to a therapeutic run of songs and recordings that culminated with the self-released 2017 debut album, Business Of Dreams. A tour of the United States followed that spring and the album was reissued on vinyl through Spain’s Kocliko Records in the summer.



Simulcast is a media art project driven by Los Angeles tenant Tristan Friedberg Rodman. Focused by grief, climate change, and critical histories of their city, Simulcast's work cuts between new media, creative nonfiction, and indie rock. It sprawls, fractured and interconnected, like Los Angeles itself.