Monday, 03/25/2019

Set Times

Free Show | 21+
Doors at 8
The Absurd Residency - Final Night
8:30 - Vanessa Silberman
9:15 - The Gitas
10 - The Absurd
11 - Gabrielle Graves
DJ Sets by Kyle Bann (Slothrust)

Times subject to change without notice

Free Show!


The Satellite Residency

The Absurd Residency


In the summer of 2013 at Michigan State University, Ben Foerg and Josh Loney hardly knew each other. Through mutual connections--and because no one else but these losers stays in town over summer break--Josh wound up at Ben's apartment one lonely Fourth of July. Because Josh didn't have Ben's phone number, he threw a rock at his window and shouted, "Hey man, you wanna do some acid?" Though it would be a few years until The Absurd (formerly "Ben Foerg & The Absurd") became a thing, the ensuing drug trip made the pair an inseparable duo. While Josh finished college, Ben went to Colorado to bum around and write folk songs. Josh noticed the potential for a rock band to form, and the seeds of The Absurd were planted. The two moved to Los Angeles late 2014. After five failed drummers (one wound up homeless, another broke his chest--literally), they found current drummer Colin Jensen, an ex-Mormon from Utah searching for his soul while playing Jazz for cash on the streets. The three hit it off, writing enough music to play (poorly) live, starting at places like the now-defunct Black Rose Tavern on the West Side and Rafa's Lounge in Echo Park. Since then--and only after a few grueling years of playing every grungy dive LA has to offer multiple times a week--The Absurd have made their way to becoming regulars at LA staples like The Satellite, Harvard & Stone, The Viper Room, Silverlake Lounge and many, many others. One of the hardest working bands in the industry, they have released three EP's and three singles, and recently released their debut LP, "Build the Wall."

Vanessa Silberman


Vanessa Silberman is a national touring guitarist, singer, engineer, record producer, independent A&R rep, booker, artist, entrepreneur and was the founder of the band Diamonds Under Fire. Silberman operates a Los Angeles-based artist development label called A Diamond Heart Production.

Gabrielle Graves