The Hectors, Manhattan Murder Mystery, Nightmail

The Satellite presents

The Hectors

Manhattan Murder Mystery


Wed, January 23, 2013

Doors: 9:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm (event ends at 2:00 am)

The Satellite

Los Angeles, CA


This event is 21 and over

Facebook comments:

The Hectors
The Hectors
"Smart, edgy pop. The Hectors have a sense of humor to go along with their pop chops, which is only natural when you consider the L.A. quartet has influences ranging from the syrupy to Fugazi. It has the poppy 'Cold Star,' an anxious ditty called 'Carol and Sanford,' and the brooding 'I Drove All the Way From Bridgeport to Make It With You.' "
- LA Times

"To fully appreciate The Hectors' sound, you need to be prepared for a long-term relationship, rather than a red hot romance that will eventually burn out like a lot of music these day."
- My Old Kentucky Blog

"A springy piece of glam rock — perfect for shaking out the mental cobwebs."
- Under The Radar

"In a city filled with starry-eyed deamers, all trying to shine the brightest, indie-pop quartet, The Hectors, have quickly become diamonds among a sea of rocky terrain, and they’re just getting started. The Hectors will melt your heart with their reverb magic. Twinkling guitar riffs casting a golden glow on singer, Corinne Dinner’s soaring vocals, will have you signing along to the words before you realise you know them. We’re smitten."
- The Line Of Best Fit
Manhattan Murder Mystery
Manhattan Murder Mystery
"MMM are inheritors of postpunk who don’t pander to its legacy, they extend it"

"every Manhattan Murder Mystery show is like a battle royal. A wonderful, scummy battle royal." -Radio Free Silverlake

"This band can really rock the hell out of a venue, but the songwriting is strong and creative and never takes second place. Anyone who wasn't bouncing around had to be in a coma."-Feed Your Head

"MMM amps up the rhythm— so you can’t help but move."

"they're a band who sound like The Cult after a few shots of whiskey"-LA CityBeat

"(Manhattan Murder Mystery's)got the “post punk guitar pop” sound down like few I have heard."

"I had heard a lot of buzz about Manhattan Murder Mystery before seeing and photographing them for the first time Wednesday night. I was very impressed."

" The singer/guitarist started going crazy on stage during one of their closing songs. Crazy like, he was running around stage, running into the bassist and their equipment. He jumped on his small little amp for about a second before the amp gave-way and slipped out from under him. Needless to say he landed on his ass in the middle of stage."-

"MMM shoulda been born in another time. They coulda been the Smiths or the Replacements. We can only thank our lucky stars that they are here and now, and that the Smiths and the Replacements are wishing they were from another time, dreaming of being Manhattan Murder Mystery." -Grant, Echo Curio
"'Dream pop. It's all we think about,' the band writes on its ReverbNation page, a truth reinforced by its murky bass lines and vintage synthesizers. The Cure is one clear influence on songs such as "S.O.S.," while the more nightmarish energy of "Architects" evokes more modern genre practitioners such as Warpaint. But there's nothing sleepy about singer-keyboardist Tammy Herrera, who leads the songs with a determined, slightly melodramatic alto." - The LA Times: Pop & Hiss/ LA Unheard - David Greenwald
Venue Information:
The Satellite
1717 Silverlake Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90027