Tee Pee Records Night #1 with Fatso Jetson, Old Testament (Feat. Jason Simon of Dead Meadow), Ides Of Gemini

Tee Pee Records, KXLU and The Satellite present

Tee Pee Records Night #1 with Fatso Jetson, Old Testament (Feat. Jason Simon of Dead Meadow), Ides Of Gemini

Thu, February 21, 2013

Doors: 8:30 pm / Show: 9:00 pm (event ends at 2:00 am)

The Satellite

Los Angeles, CA

$8.00 - $10.00

This event is 21 and over

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Fatso Jetson
Fatso Jetson
Fatso Jetson was formed in Palm Desert, CA, in 1994 and are often credited as one of the fathers of the desert strain of stoner rock made most famous by their slightly younger neighbors Kyuss and Queens of the Stone Age. This might be strange considering that the genre was in full swing at the time of Fatso Jetson's inception. The reason for the group's immense stoner credibility is that key membe
rs of the group played in seminal local "desert" bands Across the River, Yawning Man, and the Sort of Quartet: each of them being groups that the high school aged Kyuss members would frequently see perform at parties. While musically similar to some of their stoner brethren, Fatso Jetson incorporate a broader variety of musical influences that includes punk,blues, jazz and surf music. That is not to say that the band isn't capable of dishing out supremely heavy riffs.. Certainly grounded in dense hard rock, Fatso Jetson experiment with many musical textures, angular instrumental epics, and bizarre lyrics to create a punk, blues art rock all their own.

When guitarist/vocalist Mario Lalli and cousin/bassist Larry Lalli kept bumping into drummer Tony Tornay at desert parties and at the Lallis' own club, "Rhythm & Brews" located in the desert town of Indio CA, the trio decided to start playing together and have remained as a unit since. After performing with former Black Flag guitarist and SST Records' owner Greg Ginn's band, Fatso Jetson were offered a chance to record for Ginn's legendary influencial SST label. In 1995, the group recorded their debut "Stinky Little Gods" and followed that up in 1997 with "Power of Three" -- both discs appeared on SST.
Brant Bjork(Brant Bjork & the Bro's,Kyuss,Fu Manchu) briefly joined up as second guitarist and appeared on two 7" releases . The band then teamed up with Bongload Records, who then released Fatso Jetson's third full-length disc, "Toasted", in 1998. The album was recorded and produced by Chris Goss (Masters of Reality.Queens of the Stone Age).
Guitarist and old friend Gary Arce (Sort of Quartet, Yawning Man) joined the band to record thier fourth LP "Flames for All" in 2000 for Artist Frank Kozik's Mans Ruin Label .
Fatso Jetson also contributed to "The Desert Sessions" releases that Josh Homme (Kyuss,Queens of the Stone Age) organized, bringing desert musicians and other creative like minded rock musicians together to collaborate. At these sessions Mario Lalli co-wrote two songs with Homme ("You think I aint worth a dollar but I feel like a Millionaire" and "Monster in the Parosol") these would eventualy make their way on to the Queens of the Stone Age albums "Rated R" and "Songs for the Deaf"
It was Homme's record lable Rekords Rekords that would release the next Fatso album in 2001 "Cruel and Delicious". For this session the band was joined by Vince Meghrouni (Bazooka, Mike Watt, BellRays) on Sax and harp adding a new dimention to Fatso's hard to pin sound. The band continues with this line up in 2009.
A Fatso Jetson Live record released on vinyl only available from Cobraside records in 2007 would be the latest form the band.
A new full length LP "is planned for a Feburary 2010 release with a european tour to follow in April including a debut at Holland's "Road Burn Festival".
Old Testament (Feat. Jason Simon of Dead Meadow)
Old Testament (Feat. Jason Simon of Dead Meadow)
Among other things, Old Testament is a band formed in Los Angeles early in the year 5,772. While currently a member of psych rock faves Dead Meadow, singer and songwriter Jason Simon gradually began accumulating a stash of songs that fell outside the realm of riff and heavy fuzz haze. Where they do land is somewhere in the long lost America as envisioned by Harry E. Smith in his anthology of haunting blues, backwoods ballads, and god fearing gospel. With the addition of electric organ, singing drums, blown out harmonica, and droning harmonium, Old Testament creates a folk rock sound along the lines of Dylan and the Band's "Basement Tapes" or Fred Neil during one of his raga inspired improvisations. Featuring Jason Simon on the vox n guitar, the masterful drum work of Ryan Rapsys, the mournful howl of Oak Munson's harp, the always tasteful Nate Ryan on the organ and guitar, and the beautiful Jessica Senteno on the harmonium.
Ides Of Gemini
Ides Of Gemini
IDES OF GEMINI is a collusion of musical forces precipitated by the haunting and inimitable vocal prowess of singer/bassist Sera Timms, also of Los Angeles dark-psych alchemists BLACK MATH HORSEMAN. The compositions are the long-simmering mental fallout of veteran music and film journalist J. Bennett (guitar/backing vocals), who has spent most of the last 14 years writing for such publications as Decibel, Terrorizer, Revolver, Alternative Press and Thrasher. The third and final corner of the triangle is Kelly Johnston, whose martial drumming techniques and soaring backing vocals literally brought IDES OF GEMINI to life as a performing entity.

Last year, Timms and Bennett recorded and self-released IDES OF GEMINI's four-song EP, The Disruption Writ, which was anointed "My Favorite Demo of 2010" by the highly influential music blog Invisible Oranges. Lyrically, the songs detailed the terrifying permanence of dismemberment in all its unsettling forms: psychological, emotional and physical. Musically, though? Someone on the Internet called it "dream doom." Nobody likes to be pigeonholed, but IDES OF GEMINI will gladly take up temporary residence in that particular nook for the sake of shorthand. Which is to say that "dream doom" will do the trick for now. And now is nothing if not fleeting. Mostly because IDES OF GEMINI are about to unveil their full-length debut, Constantinople, on May 29th (May 28th in the UK) via Neurot Recordings.

The nine songs on Constantinople evince the light and shade of the IDES dynamic: the vicious and the atmospheric mingling in a spacious panorama of high white ether. Respected metal journalist Etan Rosenbloom described it best on MetalSucks.net: "Guitarist J. Bennett lays down imperial metal riffs swathed in so much reverb that they seem isolated from the rest of the world. Bassist/vocalist Sera Timms layers her affectless voice in ghostly counterpoint, turning tales of spiritual discord into disturbing lullabies…If something seems missing from Ides Of Gemini's sound, that's exactly the point. Their accretion of small musical gestures inverts metal's normal use of space. They imply terror without ever exposing it. Each song is an accumulation of outlines, a sort of sonic daguerreotype."

Produced by IDES OF GEMINI and engineered and mixed by Chris Rakestraw (Danzig, Skeletonwitch) at Sunset Lodge Recording in Los Angeles, Constantinople was mastered by James Plotkin, formerly of doom masters Khanate and currently of Jodis. The artwork and design was conceived by Sera Timms and J. Bennett and constructed by Sera Timms.
Venue Information:
The Satellite
1717 Silverlake Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90027