Sandbox, Burning Jet Black, Alright Alright

The Satellite presents


Burning Jet Black

Alright Alright

Thu, November 29, 2012

Doors: 8:30 pm / Show: 9:00 pm (event ends at 2:00 am)

The Satellite

Los Angeles, CA


This event is 21 and over

Facebook comments:

"I don't remember a time when I wasn't making music. It's my expressive language of choice because it really gives me an opportunity to tap into my subconscious. It's a need to express myself, a need to create. Music is the only art form that seems to really move me emotionally…without it, I'd be lost." - Shane Sweet, Sandbox

Welcome to Shane's eclectic world, where music is art, art is music, and everything is creative and original.
Shane and his band Sandbox will be releasing their album Me and Him and Horse on March 27, 2012. "Each song is a stand alone story or experience, separate from the others for the most part. I really tried to get away from common threads in this album."

The process of Sandbox is unique: "I write and play all the parts in the recordings. On the new record, I brought in a few specialists to play violins and horns, plus a tap dancer and a 16-person choir. But beyond all of that I play each part you hear, and live I am joined by my awesome band."

Shane and Sandbox also regularly do Art Installations in his warehouse in downtown LA. The newest one is called "The Speakeasy," to coincide with the new album. "The Art Installations began with a sense of dissatisfaction at shows. I would always go to shows, especially to those big stadium shows with big, famous, hugely budgeted bands and I was always left thinking, they could be doing so much more with that audience, they could be wowing people so much more. So that led to me wanting to have the 'Disneyland Effect.' When you leave Disneyland as a kid for the first time and you hit the parking lot and realize, oh yeah, I am in this city near this freeway and in the real world, I am not in the magical world anymore. I wanted to create an event that would have that effect on adults. I wanted to create an environment, a world for all these people to disappear in and transmute in and be safe in that fantasy for awhile." Now a few Installations deep, 'The Speakeasy' is the latest and the concept is doing a Prohibition Era 'Speakeasy' that is nuanced and Era specific, featuring all of the sights and sounds and attractions of that time combined with modern bands and tons of surprises including exotic animal shows, blind pig style drinking options, secret passwords and entrances, and much more.

Shane's musical heroes are not much of a surprise…creative, introspective types, much like Shane himself. "John Lennon is definitely number one," Shane reveals. "Lennon completely opened my eyes to how music could be made and what music could mean on an individual and on massive scale. And so much of what he did and said, whether it be the super subversive stuff of the 'White Album' or the simple demands of 'Imagine,' it all took courage, and that is most admirable. Kurt Cobain is also a hero of mine based on one simple fact: 5,000 years or so into the whole musical creation thing, he totally put a band together that creates an entire new music genre which from that point on, changed the course of popular music. The idea of what a hit could be and should be totally changed post-Nirvana."

Sandbox will also tour extensively to support the album. What can one expect from a Sandbox live show? "Get ready for the wall of sound. We are a seven-piece band and we use all of it, the violins and keys blending with the guitars, lead vocals and harmonies abound. It's a lot of sound and we also like to change things up from show to show, so there's always a chance you'll be hearing a song performed in such a way that perhaps no one has heard performed in that fashion and perhaps no one will hear it that way again. For the installation shows it's the live experience on steroids. We bring in the choir, the tap dancer, horn sections, marching band, everything you hear on the recordings will be there live, in person, and it's always amazing to see that much stuff working together, and I think it also lends to a greater appreciation of everything that goes into recording a song, seeing it all laid out before you like that. And in general for the art installations, be prepared to be interactive: the environment, the crew, the cast, the bands, it's all part of the Installation which means you as a guest are as well! We may come up to you and expect you to be in on the rules of a Speakeasy just as quickly as you may think to ask us those very same rules. Don't be shy!"

"Our music and art are fun, thoughtful, diverse, insightful…and masked," Shane concludes. "I want people to get a real human experience out of my music, the recordings in specific. I want people to see and experience environments from them and experience real humanness in the songs, people lie, they say things they don't mean, they don't say things they DO mean, people are coy, people say they're happy when they aren't, and all the characters in the songs are very much human in that regard, you don't find much shooting from the hip from the characters' perspectives and I hope that people see that and can connect to that sense of realness."

As far as Sandbox's pedigree, they've performed at the Fringe Festival and the Glasgow Green in the UK in addition to performing on BBC Radio 1. They've also performed at Hempfest, which draws a crowd of over 100k people. This year they are playing SXSW and also have three national tours. Their first performance of 2012 will be at the Maximum Exposure Showcase in February which has already sold 5000 tickets. And of course, there is "The Speakeasy."

Stay tuned for news of Sandbox's national tour, album release and Art Installations performances soon…
Burning Jet Black
Burning Jet Black
In the future, robots will perform all the music we listen to. Thumping bass and electronic blips will destroy all the pure emotion and visceral experience of the music we once knew. Meanwhile, in the here and now, Burning Jet Black is fighting hard against this automatic (re)/(de)volution. Fingers dancing on the fretboard, legs shaking on the kick drum...and sweat dripping off their brows, from the genuine heat of the crowd. This is music with a pulse...and the heart to keep it beating.

"While your friends are growing up and taking vows, you're still giving all your body will allow..." is the declaration that ignites Magazine Girl, their first single. An apt observation of the tragic heroine of the song and of Burning Jet Black themselves. The industry is that model past her prime, desperately whimpering for your attention, but not offering anything in return. This band, however, is offering something real, something that screams for you to be immersed in it, and they're on the fast ascent, keeping in mind: "We come TOGETHER, or we fall apart."

Assuming it would be possible to start over again, knowing all the things you know now, it would be a no-brainer. The band functions with this hypothetical ethic; only using the experience of the past to look forward, instead of back. Comprised of David Bloomfield (lead guitar), David Sparrow (vox/guitar), Jeff Bell (drums), and Rob Hughes (bass) you get a band that clicks. You'll hear it, it will sink down into the depths of your soul, and then you'll know. Burning Jet Black is alive and kicking and they will not quiet down.

Their debut EP "The Modern Egotist" is out now. We threw their record party show at El Cid for this EP back in August and the rocked it!
Alright Alright
Alright Alright
Weaving fantastic tales of time traveling apparitions, teenage monsters in love and the zombie apocalypse, Alright Alright's cunning take on classic rock music is as memorable as it is infectious. Front-man and songwriter Michael Sweeney (formerly of The Hoorays,) recruited Jeff Springer on lead guitar, Brent Wroten on drums, Cleo German on bass, Ryan Seaton on vocals, and Dayna Richards (also of Go West Young Man) on keys and trumpet. Together they craft clever three-minute gems with power, precision and panache.

Classical Geek Theater calls Alright Alright "...a hook-fueled super sextet..."

Beatcrave gives Alright Alright a new genre: "...theme songs from a secret society."

Radio Free Silverlake names Alright Alright "...L.A.'s poppy, suit-clad answer to the Misfits."

Alright Alright's instantly classic riffs, boffo beats and catchy-as-hell lyrics make them the band to listen to, but their supreme musicality, indefatigable energy and killer charisma make them a band to love.

Check out more ///AA\\\ including videos and free downloads at or follow us on Twitter: @alrightsquared.
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The Satellite
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