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If you are writing us to ask about booking, filming, private parties, rentals and all other questions, just pick a department in the drop down menu and we will get back to you as soon as we can. For all booking emails, please give us time. We get a lot of emails and if we like your band, we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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Q: Where is the venue located?
The club is located at 1717 Silver Lake Boulevard in the beautiful Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles.


Q: What’s with all the parking restrictions?!
We sympathize, parking in Silver Lake can be obnoxious. We have valet parking for a very-cheap $5. There is also street parking around the club, but please be careful to note the posted signs.


Q: Do you accept credit cards?
Entry to the venue is cash only but we do accept all major credit cards at the bar.


Q: Is photography permitted in the venue?
Photography (with a small handheld camera) is allowed at 95% of our shows. If the band is okay with it, then we are okay with it. Flash is never allowed. Please use the form above if you have any questions about filming or are interested in using The Satellite in your production.


Q: What do I do in between bands?
We have a pool table, foosball table and ample seating in the upstairs bar. The possibilities are limitless.


Q: Do you ever have a happy hour?
Yes! We open early on Mondays at 6:30 p.m., with $2 PBR and well drinks and $5 specialty cocktails until 8:30 p.m.. We also have frequent specials and promotions throughout the week. Coming early for happy hour is a great way to beat the lines and relax before a show.


Q: Is the venue always 21+?
Yes, we are strictly 21+. Customers must provide a valid state or government ID upon entrance.


Q: Do you have ever have free shows?
We have a resident band every Monday of the month, and these nights are always free! We open at 6 p.m. for Monday Happy Hour. Check our calendar for other free shows.


Q: How can I buy tickets?
You can purchase tickets online via Ticketfly.com or at Origami Vinyl (1816 West Sunset Blvd) in Echo Park. You can also purchase tickets at the door (cash only) night of show.


Q: I write reviews for a blog / take pictures for a magazine / am a Tumblr celebrity looking for free tickets. Who do I need to ask about guestlist?
Use the form above and select the booking tab.


Q: How can I book my band at the venue?
Please use the form above with a short description of the band, who they sound like, your background playing in LA and what dates you are interested in playing. Please consult our calendar to get an idea of the kind of acts we book. Unless you’re amazing and draw 500 people, we are probably not going to book your bedroom dubstep-ranchero project. Actually, we might book one like that out of sheer curiosity.


Q: Didn’t you guys used to be called Spaceland?
Spaceland was a promoted club-night series that we’ve amicably parted ways with. The Satellite is the same room, same ownership, same booker and same friendly bartenders you’ve known and loved.


Q: I used to be able to smoke upstairs. What gives?
Laws are laws, sorry. You can smoke outside and get back in as long as your hand is stamped from admission